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Psychological Maltreatment of Children

Psychological Maltreatment of Children

Volume: 4

July 2001 | 136 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Psychological maltreatment is probably the most common form of child abuse. Not only is it a type of maltreatment existing in its own right, but also is imbedded in and interacts with all other forms of child abuse and neglect.

Psychological Maltreatment of Children is a brief introduction to the emotional abuse of children and youth for mental health professionals, child welfare specialists, and other professionals involved with research, education, practice, and policy development in child maltreatment. The book defines and outlines theories of psychological maltreatment and describes its effects, as well as examines this form of abuse as a social problem. It also covers assessment, prevention, and treatment strategies and shows how to analyze a case of child psychological maltreatment. This book also offers an opportunity to earn four continuing education (CE) units through the purchase and successful completion of its accompanying CE test. Both practicing professionals and students will find this concise work to be an excellent introduction to this highly pervasive yet often-ignored form of child abuse.

1. Psychological Maltreatment Definitions and Meanings
2. Known and Probable Effects of Psychological Maltreatment
3. The Prevalence of Psychological Maltreatment
4. Assessment of Psychological Maltreatment
5. Interventions with Child Victims and Maltreating Families
6. Psychological Maltreatment

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ISBN: 9780761924616