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Psychology and Crime

Psychology and Crime

March 2013 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book explores the links between psychology and crime, evaluating psychological explanations of crime, and the use of psychology within the criminal justice system. It provides a comprehensive overview that highlights the consequences of crime for victims, offenders, and wider society.

The book combines classic theory with new developments in eyewitness testimony, offender profiling, and forensic psychology. The resulting text offers an engaging and challenging route to a full understanding of key topics, including:

  • The history and theoretical development of criminological psychology
  • Interpersonal violence, sexual violence, and deviancy
  • The psychology of crime in groups
  • Mass murder and war crimes
  • Psychology and the criminal justice system

Psychology and Crime genuinely integrates the two subjects with the advanced student in mind, and includes a range of practical devices to support the learning process – such as chapter overviews, study questions, and further reading. Lively and accessible, it is essential reading for students and academics in criminology, psychology, and sociology.

Psychology, Sociology and Crime: Mapping the Historical Terrain
Interpersonal Violence and Investigative Psychology
Investigating Sexual Violence
Crime in Groups: Explaining Subcultures, Groups and Gangs
Mass Murder, Political Murder and War Crimes
Terrorism: From Pathology to Normality
Psychology in the Criminal Justice System: Interviewing Witnesses, Suspects and Eyewitness Testimony
A Brave New World? Psychology as a System of Governance

Excellent work for comparative analysis of the topic.

Dr Vincent Wincelowicz
Criminology, Regis University - Denver
March 8, 2011

An excellent introductory text that guides students through this fascinating topic. Webber highlights further reading and study questions to allow the reader a greater level of engagement with the topic

Mr Stuart Agnew
Social Science , University Campus Suffolk Ltd
December 22, 2010

This is a very good introductory text book, bringing together varies aspects of criminology and forensic psychology in an accessible and comprehensive manner. However, I would only recommend it at UG level, as it is too superficial for PG students.

Dr Sebastian Teicher
Department of Psychology, Surrey University
October 10, 2010

Another new perspective, very interesting.

Miss Kate Steabler
HE Care, Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education
July 13, 2010

An engaging and well written inytroduction to a fast growing field. Useful for students at all levels of their studies.

Mr Doug Rae
Dept of Sociology, Northampton University
March 8, 2010

This is one of the best psychology and crime books I have read. It is written in a very accessible style and covers a range of areas. It is highly recommended to my students.

Dr Nicholas Blagden
Community and Criminal Justice, Huddersfield University
February 18, 2010

This is a good overview text that covers all the main areas of interest to students of forensic psychology. It is accessible and easy to read and is very user friendly in its layout. I will recommend it to students

Dr Jane Wood
Psychology, Kent University
December 10, 2009

Good text to get students interested and engaged with areas in the first instance.

Miss Jennifer Phipps
Other, Canterbury Christ Church University
December 7, 2009

This is a textbook which combines psychology and criminology. It explains crimes from a psychological perspective and assists students to make sense of crimes, such as murder. It has been recommended to the students who are studying the Investigation of Homicide Module at the MSc Criminal investigation.

Dr Anqi Shen
School of Social Sciences and Law, Teesside University
December 7, 2009

Useful as a supplemental, but I wish the author had gone into core psychlogical theories and their link to criminology in more depth before exploring issues.

Professor Steve Hall
Social Science , Northumbria University
December 3, 2009

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