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Psychology: Bulletin


Spotlight on Structural & Institutional Racism

SAGE believes that the work of psychological scientists will be crucial in helping to dismantle mechanisms of racial discrimination, oppression, and violence. In this Bulletin, we are highlighting freely accessible resources on Structural Racism to aid you in your critical work. Below you’ll find a newly published journal article examining racial inequality in psychological research, a chapter on what social psychologists have learned about prejudice, intergroup discrimination and social conflict, and a recent encyclopedia entry on race in higher education.

Racial Inequality in Psychological Research: Trends of the Past and Recommendations for the Future

Race plays an important role in how people think, develop, and behave. In this article, the authors queried more than 26,000 empirical articles published between 1974 and 2018 in cognitive, developmental, and social psychology journals to document how often psychological research acknowledges this reality.

Essential Social Psychology, 4th Edition 

From aggression to altruism, prejudice to persuasion, this text introduces students to the classic studies, the controversial debates and innovative research that define social psychology today. This chapter presents what social psychologists have learned about prejudice, intergroup discrimination and social conflict. 


Race in Higher Education

This entry, from The SAGE Encyclopedia of Higher Education, defines race within a global context with a primary focus on European colonialism and situates colonization as central in global race formation. Author Amalia Dache uses South Africa, Cuba, and the United States as three nation-state examples of country-specific formations of race, racism, and education systems and policy. 


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