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Psychometric Foundations and Behavioral Assessment

Psychometric Foundations and Behavioral Assessment

June 1993 | 162 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Can traditional assessment (the psychometric approach) and behavioral assessment be effectively integrated in research as well as in practice? Can this integration improve the quality of the information collected from various instruments, strengthen the validity of interpretations, and improve reliability? Through a detailed, systematic, and critical review of both literatures, Silva shows how an integration of psychometric principles with the standards in behavioral assessment can result in an affirmative answer to these issues. Beginning with a review of the origins of behavioral assessment through the current practices, Silva explores such issues as the arguments for and against the integration of psychometric standards, the possibility of a normative interpretation of behavioral assessment data including an individual differences focus that is not at odds with an N=1 approach, and how the recent advancements in the psychometric approach to reliability and validity can enhance quality and utilization in behavioral assessment. "Fernando Silva's book adds a large and important contribution to the work of those of us interested in unifying behavioral assessment and psychological measurement." --Arthur W. Staats, University of Hawaii at Manoa "This is an important book. It fills, with great distinction, a need that has long existed in the assessment literature. (Silva) provides a detailed, balanced, and comprehensive review of the philosophical rationale of assessment from the behavioral perspective. And along with this he offers an extremely lucid and up-to-date account of the more expert thinking on psychometric methodologies. In particular, Silva's discussion of construct validity, especially in its relation to scientific method, is exemplary. "It is important to note, too, that Silva does more than merely review the current scene; on the contrary, he presents strong, clear, and well-reasoned conclusions, all of which seem to me highly compelling. "It would be a serious mistake for prospective readers to consider this book meaningful only for workers in behavioral assessment. In fact, the book is relevant to the entire field of assessment, not only because behavioral assessment, is, after all, a part of that broader scope, but also because the book contains an excellent, very readable summary of newer advances in psychometrics. In brief, this volume is a major contribution to the assessment literature." --from the Foreword by Paul McReynolds "The status of behavioral assessment within the larger framework of the psychometric tradition in psychology is surrounded by issues of substantial practical and conceptual importance that merit the thoughtful and detailed analysis provided by Professor Silva. This book should be required reading for all students in graduate assessment courses and will be of considerable interest to both behavioral and 'traditional' scholars and practitioners." --Jerry S. Wiggins, The University of British Columbia "Professor Silva's book is of exceptional quality. The discussion of basic concepts, such as validity, is a model by the information provided and by the clarity and lucidity of the discussion. The author has been able to achieve a balanced synthesis of the most recent technical developments and of the philosophical backgrounds of the concepts used, a rare combination in writings of this type. On the whole, the lecture of the book is to be recommended not only as a reference manual, but also as a source of reflection for the experienced psychologist engaged in behavioral assessment." --Pierre Pichot, L'Académie Nationale de Médicine "It is a well-written little book which anyone having worked with behaviour therapy and its diagnostic procedures will benefit from reading. It is a must reading for those who shall teach others about clinical behaviour analysis and diagnostic procedures in behaviour therapy." --Scandinavian Journal of Behaviour Therapy

Paul McReynolds
The Concept of Behavioral Assessment
Behavioral Assessment and Psychometric Standards
An Introduction

Some Observations on the Idiographic Approach
Behavioral Assessment and Normative Interpretation
The Problem of Reliability
The Concept of Validity
Criterion-Related Validity
Content Validity
Construct Validity
`Treatment Validity'
The Issue of Utility


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ISBN: 9780803952676