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Psychosocial Development during Adolescence

Psychosocial Development during Adolescence
Progress in Developmental Contexualism

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September 1996 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
John Hill used four classes of variables and their interrelations to conceptualize the phenomena of adolescence. Can these variables provide a context for conceptualizing, investigating, and understanding adolescent psychosocial development today? Taking a developmental contextualist perspective, this impressive collection of scholars explores how research on adolescent psychosocial development has unfolded from the 1970s to the present. Focusing on the issues of social class, ethnicity, and gender, they examine such topics as autonomy in adolescence and the detachment debate; sexuality from trends in gender sexual scripts to sexual offenses, such as date rape; intimacy from individual differences to interpersonal situations; achievement from school/workplace to social settings; identity, including the role of culture; cognitive behaviors, including education for and constraints on critical thinking; and the interplay of biological and psychological processes. Readers of this stimulating volume will gain a new perspective on the role of biopsychosocial factors and the contextual influences of gender, race/ethnicity, and social class in understanding adolescent behavior and development. Psychosocial Development During Adolescence contains information vital to the research and work of professionals in developmental psychology, adolescent studies, psychology, family studies, and drug/substance abuse studies.

Gerald R Adams, Raymond Montemayor and Thomas P Gullota
Psychosocial Development during Adolescence
The Legacy of John Hill

Susan B Silverberg and Dawn M Gondoli
Autonomy in Adolescence
A Contextualized Perspective

Edward S Herold and Sheila K Marshall
Adolescent Sexual Development
Judith L Fischer, Joyce Munsch and Shannon M Greene
Adolescence and Intimacy
James E Coté
A Multidimensional Analysis

Sanford M Dornbusch, Melissa R Herman and Jeanne A Morley
Domains of Adolescent Achievement
Daniel P Keating and Doris K Sasse
Cognitive Socialization in Adolescence
Critical Period for a Critical Habit of Mind

Sucheta D Connolly, Roberta L Paikoff and Christy M Buchanan
The Interplay of Biological and Psychosocial Processes in Adolescence

Gerald R Adams
On the Past and the Future


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