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Psychotherapy and Counseling With Asian American Clients

Psychotherapy and Counseling With Asian American Clients
A Practical Guide

November 2000 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

"These chapters are excellent! I think the primary strength of the book is the emphasis on relationships throughout, demonstrating how the clinician can learn to be more relational in providing direct and appropriate services. The book will be a valuable resource not just for clinicians working with Asian-American clients but in all their clinical experiences. The authors point us toward a new future in therapy that combines theories by making culture central rather than marginal or exotic to the therapy process."

--Paul Pedersen, The University of Alabama at Birmingham

This book is a practical and comprehensive guide for clinicians, trainees, and students interested in developing their skills in providing psychotherapy and counseling to Asian American clients. The authors offer a cultural and social environmental framework, which helps mental health professionals conceptualize issues facing Asian American clients as well as strategies for addressing clinical concerns. This book discusses many frequently asked questions regarding clinical work with Asian Americans: cultural similarities and differences among various Asian American groups; clinical implications of immigration and refugee experiences; strategies for diagnostic assessments; ways to engage Asian American clients in treatment; application of individual, family, and group psychotherapy and counseling; culturally syntonic service delivery models; and training and curriculum issues. Practical suggestions and case examples are offered throughout the book.

Asian American Cultures and Demographics
Framework for Conceptualizing Cultural and Social Environmental Issues
Clinical Implications of Migration
Diagnostic Assessment
Engaging the Client in Psychotherapy and Counseling
Application of Major Therapeutic Orientations
Psychoanalytic Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Application of Relational Treatment Modalities
Family Therapy and Group Therapy

Culturally Appropriate Approaches to Service Delivery
Onward into the New Millennium

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