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Public Relations in India

Public Relations in India
New Tasks and Responsibilites

First Edition
Critical Acclaim

Public Relations

August 2016 | 318 pages | SAGE India

Public Relations in India is a review of the history of Public Relations (PR) in the world and India and an in-depth critical analysis of the value of PR as an essential feature of the management function. The key focus of this book is what PR means for India and other developing countries in the 21st century.

Building a case for citizen-centric public relations, the author argues that in India, PR must be viewed as a development tool geared towards socioeconomic progress. This argument is backed by case studies and practical examples of PR writing, PR concepts applicable to India and the latest techniques and gadgets used in PR practice. The book covers topics like Internal and External PR, Satellite and International Communication and Cross-cultural Communication and blends theoretical arguments with management case studies.

The book aims to sensitize general readers as well as PR professionals about the increasingly socially responsible role that the PR function has to play in developing nations to help in all-round social uplift.


A Conceptual Framework for PR in India

The Growth and Development of Modern PR

20th Century Corporate PR and PR Writing

Essential Qualities of a PR Person

Practical PR, Business Writing and Media Relations

Tools for Internal PR

Tools for External PR

International Communication

Cross-Cultural Communication





The book is interesting…thought provoking….a must read for policy makers, business barons, and the public relations personnel.

Journal of Marketing & Communication

The book guides us with a learned hand through the imperative of today’s integrated, holistic communication strategies… One can treat it for its appeal as a textbook, and as a guide for corporate communicators.

The Statesman

For the student there is a lucid exposition of PR concepts, practices with a generous mix of theoretical arguments and management case studies. To that helpful extent, it is useful additional reading on the subject for students and practitioners alike… what raises this work above the category of a mere ‘textbook’ is the author’s erudite study of what the practice of public relations truly means for India and other developing countries. The book is welcome for its neat conceptualisation of what public relations is and how it needs to evolve going into the future.

Business India

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