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A Partnership with SAGE

We can offer your society a true partnership where we work together to forge the best outcome for your journals and serve your community. Our objectives are to pursue the strongest opportunities for journals to grow worldwide visibility, reach and readership. To achieve this, we believe in using a joined-up publishing model that integrates multiple marketing channels with input from the core publishing functions: editorial, sales and marketing, and production.

SAGE has a well-established journals sales team in place which will ensure that your journal is available throughout the world.

Underpinning this approach is a continual analysis of metrics such as publishing activity in the field, competitor market share, usage, journal site traffic, paper submissions and responses to marketing campaigns by our publishing teams.

Technology: SAGE Journals is now hosted on Literatum, Atypon's online publishing platform. Atypon's combination of powerdul technology and excellent client service made them the natural home for our complete portfolio of titles. Literatum was designed to support active publishing strategies and SAGE now has direct control of the publication site to optimize the user experience. Literatum also provides SAGE with an improved product to support our evolving development needs. 

Innovation: We are an innovative publisher, experimenting with video and launching great research tools like SAGE Research Methods, SAGE Knowledge, SAGE Edge and SAGE Stats.  We are pioneering in Open Access and have recently launched some exciting new Open Access titles.

Sales: SAGE has a successful track record in reviving advertising sales in journals, and uses the ‘fit’ and the quality of the demographic to appeal to potential advertisers. Our sales representatives build an in-depth understanding of the fields in which they work to capitalize fully on sales opportunities.