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"Sage's 'little green books' have been my 'go to' source for quick and easy introductions to statistical methods for over 25 years. From Cluster Analysis and Factor Analysis to Multiple Comparisons and Bootstrapping (some of my favorites!), Sage's little green books are always clear, uncluttered, and practical. Happy anniversary QASS series!"

Nancy Collins, The University of California, Santa Barbara


"These books are succinct and easy to access for particular points you need clarification on in the moment. Great reference material that just get to the point.  Thanks for continuing this series! Also love the authors."

- Carolyn Fidelman, US Department of Education


"The little green books are a main stay in my library. They are easy to understand and provide clear and concise information on special techniques.  A great and useful resource!"

- George Wimberly, American Educational Research Association


"Little gems of concise and relevant knowledge easily available."

- Dr. Robert Abbey, Troy University


"I depended on them during my dissertation and urged my department to keep up with the series as it evolved. I consider it required reading."

- Allan Barnes, University of Alaska Anchorage, Justice Center


"I have enjoyed using the little green books as a way to demonstrate more in depth ideas on topics discussed in my quantitative research course. I especially like the advanced survey research book."

- Tracy Walker, Virginia State University


"They are an amazing, concise resource for learning about a new method. Great for understanding new approaches. I refer the books to students if they are learning about a new method."

- Hollis Lai, University of Alberta


"I love the QASS series. The 'little green books' are perfect for a plane flight or whenever I need specific help on a specialty topic. You can toss one in a backpack to read any time."

- Todd Daniel, Missouri State University, RStats Institute


"The books are well written, useful, and jam packed with helpful information. They're gems!"

- Meredith Thompson, MIT/Harvard


"The QASS series is *the* resource for the technical details of methods new to me."

- Troy Payne, University of Alaska Anchorage, Justice Center


"...succinct and applicable to a wide range of disciplines and social science applications."

- Douglas Anderson, Ph.D., Front Range Community College Humanities/Anthropology/Philosophy


"I have used those 'little green books' throughout my thirty years in research. They are invaluable when learning a new statistical procedure. I am sure all researchers owe a debt to Sage for presenting a easy access tool."

- Dr. Pamela Jae Boveland University of Houston - Downtown Social Sciences


"Little green friend, big support for my work."

- Oren Pizmony Levy, Teachers College, ITS


"The 'little green books' are indispensable tools. I inherited my set from my doctoral program mentor when he retired. I cannot tell you how many times I have referred to them in my work and teaching."

- Maggie Stone, Marshall University


"Every time a colleague leaves their office I scour their shelves for 'little green books'. My library is almost complete."

- Billy Robinson, LSU HSC School of Public Health


"Nearly my entire statistical education during my doctoral years was from the QASS. I still have a whole shelf of the 'little green books' that I refer to frequently."

- Shelley R. Tapp, Wayland Baptist University


"These books have been generally been better than any text written on social statistics."

- Jessica Camp, University of Michigan