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Qualitative Inquiry

Qualitative Inquiry
Thematic, Narrative and Arts-Informed Perspectives

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'A much needed addition to introductory courses in qualitative research.' - Jean Clandinin, University of Alberta

Qualitative Inquiry unites the basics of research design in qualitative research with the practice of analyzing qualitative data. This textbook is about the theory and practice of choosing and designing a qualitative approach and methodological and analytical ramifications that follow from making such choices. It aims to set out the theoretical underpinnings behind different methodological choices and to help students then follow up on (and interrogate) such approaches.

Qualitative Inquiry is the ideal starting point for students on research training courses who have opted to develop a qualitative research project. In it, Butler-Kisber introduces students to theory and then demonstrates this theory in practice by showing how a project is actually designed and actually analyzed.

This book examines theory, method and interpretation in a way that is meaningful to students and new researchers, as well as discussing newer, more avant-garde, developments in qualitative research in arts-informed inquiry. It is essential reading for students who are seeking to make sense of their research and their developing theoretical standpoints.

Issues in Qualitative Inquiry
Constant Comparison Inquiry
Phenomenological Inquiry
Narrative Inquiry
Poetic Inquiry
Collage Inquiry
Photographic Inquiry
Performative Inquiry
Future Directions

'[This book] offers students of qualitative research a valuable resource that provides useful foundational information about both traditional and arts-based qualitative methods. At the same time, by bringing a discussion of these various methodological approaches together into one text, the book inspires possibilities for creative combinations in qualitative research design' - The Weekly Qualitative Report

'[A] much needed addition to introductory courses in qualitative research' - Jean Clandinin, University of Alberta, Canada

Interesting perspective on qualitative research offered in this book. Useful for post-graduate researchers.

Mrs Sam Pollitt
School of Nursing and Caring Sciences, University of Central Lancashire
March 17, 2016

A very useful book for those who use qualitative research. It covers Phenomenology, Narrative, Poetic, Photographic and Performative Inquiry. Good for MA and EdD courses.

Ms Eva Mikuska
Deapartment of Childcare, Social Work and Social Care, University of Chichester
April 29, 2015

A great resource of best practice and theory for the qualitative researcher.

Mr Paul Matthews
Business Administration , University College Birmingham
April 22, 2015

This book meets a particular need within psychotherapy research, as it opens up for novice graduate researchers, the world of performance and the visual.

Mr Gerry Myers
Dept of Education & Professional Studies, University of Limerick
June 4, 2014

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