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Qualitative Methods in Business Research

Qualitative Methods in Business Research

Second Edition

November 2015 | 376 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This pragmatic, applied textbook showcases the potential and impact of qualitative research in business and management. Using case studies and a global approach it provides you with an overview of the philosophies, methodologies and methods you will need to research in this field.


Demystifying the whole process, it walks you through every aspect of conducting and using research in business, including generating questions, collecting useful data, evaluating the research and disseminating your findings.  It also:

  • Explores the challenges of working with qualitative data
  • Introduces qualitative methods including interviews, focus groups & ethnography

New to the 2nd edition:

  • The role of digital tools and social media, and how you can use them for data collection
  • 3 new chapters on qualitative content analysis, visual research and publishing research.

Praise for the 1st edition:

`Comprehensive, current and compelling, a winning combination for any research student or practitioner interested in increasing his/her knowledge about qualitative methods as they apply to business research' - The Qualitative Report

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Research Philosophy
Chapter 3: Research Design and Process
Chapter 4: Research Questions and Literature Review
Chapter 5: Access and Relationships
Chapter 6: Ethics in Research
Chapter 7: Introduction to Qualitative Data
Chapter 8: Interviews and Observations
Chapter 9: Digital Data
Chapter 10: Qualitative Content Analysis
Chapter 11: Case Study Research
Chapter 12: Ethnographic Research
Chapter 13: Action Research
Chapter 14: Focus Group Research
Chapter 15: Grounded Theory Research
Chapter 16: Narrative Research
Chapter 17: Discourse Theoretical Research
Chapter 18: Critical Research
Chapter 19: Feminist Research
Chapter 20: Visual Research
Chapter 21: Writing Process
Chapter 22: Evaluation
Chapter 23: Publishing
Chapter 24: Breaking the Boundaries

Eriksson and Kovalainen have improved on what was already a very useful and usable guide to the theory and application of a range of qualitative methods. All the five new chapters add considerably to the book, but the chapters on content analysis and breaking field boundaries are particularly enlightening. This will be my go to book for research and teaching.

Albert Mills
Director of the Ph.D program, Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary's University

Comprehensive, current and compelling, a winning combination for any research student or practitioner interested in increasing his/her knowledge about qualitative methods as they apply to business research

The Qualitative Report

An excellent overview on different methods and a very good chapter on quality and validity for qualitative research.

Dr Jill Bogie
Business, Gordon Institute of Business Science
February 18, 2020

An excellent book for research of any topic , clear advice and guidance for any student who want to carry out their project in year 3 or basic information for any project.

Mrs Honor Holloway
Home Learning College, Bucks New University
September 23, 2016

This book explains very well the process to conduct a qualitative method approach within the Business and Management Research. The book describes a number of methods that researchers and students can use in order to collect and to analyze qualitative data

Mr Yonni Angel Cuero Acosta
Business Administration , Leipzig University
June 5, 2016

This will be a useful recommended reading source for our final year students for their Bachelor Thesis propaedeutic seminar. It provides a practical and easy to understand look at many essential tools such as literature review.

Mr Nicolas Montandon
International Business Management, Haute école de gestion de Genève, HES-SO
February 11, 2016

The book does not seem that different from the previous edition. Although it gives a global perspective, for students how had already some background in Qual method, further details and deeper textbook seems more relevant.

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Free Univ., Amsterdam
October 16, 2015

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter Two: Research Philosophy