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Qualitative Research in Education

Qualitative Research in Education

July 2012 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This accessible and practical book is a perfect quick guide for graduate researchers in education. Looking at the interdependence of teaching and research, the authors show that a critical and analytical exploration of policies and practices is a necessary part of what we mean by being a 'professional' in education.

Drawing on the authors' substantial experience of teaching research skills at graduate level, as well as on their own experiences as active researchers, the book will guide you through:

  • Discourse analysis
  • Visual methods
  • Textual research
  • Data collection and analysis

This co-authored book is structured around a range of methods applicable to educational research and appropriate for use by practitioners at all stages of their professional development. It takes recognizable, 'real life' scenarios as its starting point for each discussion of method, so that readers are able to start from the known and familiar. As well as exploring theoretical aspects of research method, each chapter provides practical tasks and points for discussion and reflection. These approaches, taken together, are designed to build confidence and encourage reader engagement and enjoyment.

Research in Education
Ethical Research in Education
Insider Research
Writing a Literature Review
Interviewing in Education Research
Case Study
Action Research
Ethnographic Research
Discourse Analysis and Policy Analysis
Lydia Spenceley
Text and Image in Qualitative Research
Analysing and Reporting Qualitative Data
Disseminating Your Research

'This book successfully revives Lawrence Stenhouse's seminal work on the 'teacher-researcher' by showing the interconnectedness of teaching and research and stressing the key role of the practitioner-researcher. Its chapters provide comprehensive guidance for researchers at all levels on conducting small scale research in an ethical and reflexive way'
-Professor Jerry Wellington, Sheffield

This is a useful book for providing students with useful information to conduct a qualitative study.

Mrs Claire Pescott
Education, University of South Wales (Glamorgan)
July 21, 2021

Comprehensive text, thorough and clearly laid out. Very useful for supporting PGCE/ SD trainees new to research as well as supporting those who have carried out research before.

Mrs Anna Sheila Streather
Education, Somerset Centre for Integrated Learning
April 28, 2020

This is an excellent text which I will recommend to any of my students undertaking qualitative research. The language is open and clear. Liz Atkins really understands the needs of M level education practitioners.

Ms Ann Kenny
School of Education, Nottingham Trent University
December 1, 2016

A great companion for anyone conducting qualitative research in Education. Can recommend this book.

Mrs Sunray Heap
General Education , Cardiff and Vale College
May 29, 2015

This book covers key methodological issues and qualitative research designs in the educational field. Each chapter includes examples that are particularly useful to understand ‘how’ to carry out research. The activities in each chapter are a good complement to reinforce knowledge and understanding of key concepts. This book is an ideal introduction for master and undergraduate students in Education who are doing or planning to do a small-scale qualitative research. I recommend this book to my second year students and use it as an essential reading at the master level. The examples are brilliant and this is the main reason why I chose to include this book in my teaching.

Dr Violeta Perez del Aguila
Department of Social Sciences, London Metropolitan University
May 27, 2015

A rather analytical and easy-to- read book.

Dr Olga Ververi
Education Studies, Liverpool Hope University
October 26, 2015

Each chapter of the book opens with a useful and clear summary. The additional reflective activities and vignettes offer opportunities for critical thinking and help readers to engage with the material.

Dr Nicoleta Gaciu
School of Education, Oxford Brookes University
November 3, 2015

This is a genuine title that can help students grasp the skills required for qualitative research. Students not only from Education stream but from other social sciences can benefit from it. I recommend it also for students with Applied Linguistics background at an early stage of research.

Mr AQM Basher
English Language Center, Jazan University
April 29, 2014

Not relevant for Education Leadership and Management field. There are more appropriate books available.

Professor Cornelia Bender
Education Leadership and Management, University of Johannesburg
April 22, 2014

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