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Qualitative Research in Management

Qualitative Research in Management
Methods and Experiences

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Rajen K. Gupta - Management Development Institute, India (South Asia)
  • Richa Awasthy - Assistant Professor, Organizational Behaviour, IMI, New Delhi, India

May 2021 | 292 pages | SAGE Response

This book is the first of its kind on qualitative research in management in the Indian context. It covers the philosophy and practice of qualitative research, and presents the journeys of 10 management scholars who describe their experiences of doing qualitative research while explaining their choice of varied methods. Both aspiring and experienced management researchers will find it an invaluable resource.

Rajen K Gupta and Richa Awasthy
Qualitative Research: An Introduction
Richa Awasthy
On Becoming a Qualitative Researcher
Tara Shankar Basu
Phenomenology: Qualitative Research—An Odyssey of Discovery
Sumita Mishra
Semiotics: Doing an Emic Research the “Semiotic” Way—Experiences and Challenges
Twisha Anand
Grounded Theory: My PhD Journey—Finding a Method to the Madness
Anjan Roy
Quasi-Ethnography: Methodological Design for Exploring Knowledge Creation in Organizations
Shalini Rahul Tiwari
Single Case Study: A Promenade Down the Memory Boulevard
Margie Parikh
Single Case Study: Exploring Organizational Ambidexterity—My Journey As a Qualitative Researcher
Swanand J Deodhar
Multiple Case Study: From Research Problem to Research Design in a Doctoral Setting—A Student’s Experiential Musings
Devendra Kumar Punia
Multiple Case Study: My Journey—From Pure Quantitative Research to Mixed Research, and Then from Mixed Research to Pure Qualitative Research
Abinash Panda
Mixed Methodology: Researching at Any Cost—Restorying My Journey into the "Unknown"
Anita Ollapally
Mixed Methodology: Use of Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research to Understand and Explore Organizational Phenomena in 21st Century—Reflecting on Personal Experience as a “Research Scholar”
Richa Awasthy and Rajen K Gupta
The Churning Process: Insights from the Experiences

‘Qualitative research has great possibility to connect research and practice. I, therefore, recommend this book to all serious researchers who want to make a difference’.

Dr. Anil Khandelwal
ex-CMD, Bank of Baroda and author of Dare to Lead

‘A much required adventure in qualitative research – enriched with coverage of fundamentals and deep insights from accomplished researchers – a must read for serious students of management’.

Mithileshwar Jha
Professor of Marketing, IIM Bangalore

This book is an outstanding first of its kind contribution to the methodology for doing social science research in India. It is a pioneer venture because it grows out of lived experience of a number of scholars who employed the narrative technique to present a comprehensive and yet easy to attempt ways of exploring and explaining complicated Indian realities. I think it is a must for all the newcomers to research in social sciences and will be refreshing for those who are seasoned in the old mode of viewing Indian reality.

Jai B. P. Sinha
Professor of Psychology and Management, ASSERT Institute of Management Studies, Patna

Qualitative research is a challenging field for even the most experienced researcher. It’s best mastered by doing it and best taught by those who have really done it and have experienced the highs and lows. While there are many books on qualitative research, this book stands out by the depth of experiences, diversity of approaches and the emotions of individual researchers. The decision to anchor in our national context and discussing it through the lived in, personal experiences of actual researchers is laudable. The book definitely helps the novice and experienced researchers to confidently undertake the exciting journey into the world of qualitative research.

Biju Varkkey
Professor, Personnel and Industrial Relations Area, IIM Ahmedabad

This book describes the experiences of scholars in doing qualitative research in India. For a predominantly quantitative researcher like me, this book opened up exciting new vistas in qualitative research. I enjoyed reading this book because it not only describes the various types of qualitative research methodologies, but it does so in an extremely engaging manner through providing first-hand experiences of scholars. This book is a must-read for all aspiring management researchers.

Zubin Mulla
Associate Professor and Chairperson, Center for Human Resources Management and Labour Relations, School of Management and Labour Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

The effort of Professor Rajen K. Gupta and Dr Richa Awasthy to bring out a compilation of articles in the form of a book on qualitative research is really a praiseworthy effort. In the world of management research, where qualitative research is neglected and often misunderstood as something that lacks rigour, this maiden attempt of bringing out a book on various qualitative research methodologies is a good idea to rejuvenate the focus on a rather difficult domain of research. The nicely crafted chapters provide enough pointers to the budding qualitative researchers who can explore the suitability of various types of qualitative research methodologies right from phenomenology to mixed methods research. I recommend it as a first book on qualitative research to the young professors and PhD students who can get a fairly decent idea of various qualitative research methodologies, written in a user-friendly format.

Shiv S. Tripathi
Assistant Professor, Strategic Management Area, MDI, Gurgaon

There has been a dearth of ‘high impact’ management research, especially in India, and to me the major reason for this was absence of as well as the expertise of proper research tools. This book is one of the first attempts to fill this gap. Kudos to the book’s editors!

K. B. C. Saxena
Professor Emeritus, Fortune Institute of International Business, Delhi

‘A much required adventure in qualitative research – enriched with coverage of fundamentals and deep insights from accomplished researchers – a must read for serious students of management’

Mithileshwar Jha,
Professor of Marketing, IIM Bangalore

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