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Qualitative Research Methods in Education

Qualitative Research Methods in Education

Four Volume Set
Edited by:

September 2010 | 1 680 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This four-volume set is part of the Fundamentals of Applied Research series and sits alongside Stephen Gorard's major reference collection Quantitative Research Methods in Education. It brings together seminal and cutting edge articles on qualitative research internationally, and shows how the field has developed in influence in recent years. The use of qualitative research methods in educational research has a long and distinguished history, both in the UK and internationally. Importantly, this major reference collection reviews the ongoing debates and various issues about qualitative methods and the contribution they make to understanding educational issues. The set also comprises a timely analysis of the contribution which qualitative methods have made and can continue to make to understanding educational issues.

The volumes review the methodological arguments for using qualitative methods, including critiques and rejoinders; place these arguments in appropriate historical and epistemological contexts with respect to the development of qualitative methods in congruent disciplines including anthropology, psychology and sociology; and identify key examples of leading substantive work which illustrate the various issues at stake and the major achievements of qualitative inquiry in education.

Each volume includes an original introduction written by the Harry Torrance, a key figure in the field of education research methods, delineating the theme for the volume and the importance of the contribution of the individual papers and the volume as a whole.

Part A: Theoretical Tributaries from Anthropology, Sociology and Social Psychology
Thick Description: Towards an interpretive theory of culture

Clifford Geertz
Extracts from Symbolic Interactionism: perspective and method

Herbert Blumer
Extracts from Collected Papers 1: The problems of social reality

Alfred Schutz
Extracts from Studies in Ethnomethodology

Harold Garfinkel
Extracts from The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life

Erving Goffman
Part B: Case Study, Ethnography and Evaluation
Extracts from Boys in White: Student culture in medical school

Howard Becker, Blanche Geer, Everett Hughes and Anselm Strauss
Extracts from The Man in the Principal's Office

Harry Wolcott
Structuring School Structure

Hugh Mehan
Extracts from Social Relations in a Secondary School

David Hargreaves
Extracts from 'Problems of Sociological Fieldwork: A review of the methodology of Hightown Grammar'

Colin Lacey
Extracts from Beachside Comprehensive

Stephen Ball
The Countenance of Educational Evaluation

Robert Stake
Evaluation and the Control of Education

Barry MacDonald
The Conduct of Educational Case Study: Ethics, theory and procedures

Rob Walker
The Study Method in Social Inquiry

Robert Stake
The Imagination of the Case and the Invention of the Study

Stephen Kemmis
Evaluation as Illumination: A new approach to the study of innovatory programmes

Malcolm Parlett and David Hamilton
The Teacher as Researcher

Lawrence Stenhouse
Extracts from Fourth Generation Evaluation

Egon Guba and Yvonna Lincoln
The Deliberative Democratic View

Ernest House and Kenneth Howe
Qualitative Research Traditions: A review

Evelyn Jacob
Qualitative Research Traditions: A British response to Jacob

Paul Atkinson, Sara Delamont and Martyn Hammersley
Critical Ethnography in Education: Origins, current status and new directions

Gary Anderson
Part A: Other Contributory Social Scientific Traditions
Extracts from Class, Codes and Control

Basil Bernstein
Extracts from 'The Forms of Capital'

Pierre Bourdieu
Extracts from 'An Approach to the Study of Curricula as Socially Organised Knowledge'

Michael Young
Feminisms and Education

Gaby Weiner
Extracts from Common Knowledge: The development of understanding in the classroom

Derek Edwards and Neil Mercer
Text and Discourse in Education: An introduction to critical discourse analysis

Allan Luke
Thinking and Learning in Social Context

Barbara Rogoff
Extracts from Situated Learning: Legitimate peripheral participation

Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger
Extracts from Discourse and Cognition

Derek Edwards
Beyond Developmentalism

Valerie Walkerdine
Part B: Developing the Political, Ethical, Epistemological and Emancipatory Implications of Qualitative Approaches
Extracts from Action Research for Educational Change

John Elliott
Research as Praxis

Patti Lather
Post-Structural Feminism in Education: An overview

Elizabeth Adams St.Pierre
The Problem of Speaking for Others

Linda Alcoff
Transformative Approaches to Student Voice: Theoretical underpinnings, recalcitrant realities

Michael Fielding
Silence Speaks: Whiteness revealed in the absence of voice

Lisa Mazzei
Disability Research and the 'Researcher Template': Reflections on grounded subjectivity in ethnographic research

Dan Goodley
Gazing with Intent: Ethnographic practice in classrooms

Tuula Gordon et al
What's Race Got to Do with It? Critical Race Theory's conflicts with and connections to qualitative research methodology and epistemology

Laurence Parker and Marvin Lynn
Writing the 'Wrongs' of Fieldwork: Confronting our own research writing dilemmas in urban ethnographies

Michelle Fine and Lois Weis
On Tricky Ground: Researching the native in the age of uncertainty

Linda Tuhiwai Smith

Alecia Youngblood Jackson
Extracts from Performance Ethnography: Critical pedagogy and the politics of culture

Norman Denzin
The Bone in the Throat: Some uncertain thoughts on baroque method

Maggie MacLure
Part A: Social Scientific Topics and Issues
Extracts from Life in Classrooms

Philip Jackson
A Model of Classroom Coping Strategies

Andrew Pollard
Coping at School through Humour

Peter Woods
Extracts from Learning to Labour: How working class kids get working class jobs

Paul Willis
Deadlier than the Male? Girls' conformity and deviance in school

Lewes Davies
Cherokee School Society and the Intercultural Classroom

Robert Dumont and Murray Wax
Empowerment and Cultural Conflict: Navajo parents and the schooling of their children

Donna Deyhle
The Silenced Dialogue: Power and pedagogy in educating other people's children

Lisa Delpit
Beyond the White Norm: The use of qualitative methods in the study of black youth's schooling in England

Mairtin Mac an Ghaill
Flexible Identities: Exploring race and gender issues among a group of immigrant pupils in an inner-city comprehensive school

Naz Rassool
Who is 'Us'? Students negotiating discourses of racism and national indentification in Australia

Julie McLeod and Lyn Yates
I Don't Need This: Acts of transgression by students with special educational needs

Julie Allan
Sex-Gender-Sexuality: How sex, gender and sexuality constellations are constituted in secondary school

Deborah Youdell
Becoming Schoolgirls: The ambivalent project of subjectification

Bronwyn Davies et al
The Question of Belief: Writing post-structural ethnography

Deborah Britzman
Part B: Investigating Education Policy and Practice
Extracts from The Man in the Principal's Office

Harry Wolcott
The Reconstruction of Primary Teachers' Identities

Peter Woods and Bob Jeffrey
Good School/Bad School: Paradox and fabrication

Stephen Ball
"I'll be a Nothing": Structure, agency and the construction of identity through assessment

Diane Reay and Dylan Wiliam
Extracts from High Stakes Education

Pauline Lipman
Investigating Formative Classroom Assessment

Harry Torrance and John Pryor
Education Change over Time? The sustainability and nonsustainability of three decades of secondary school change and continuity

Andy Hargreaves and Ivor Goodson
Extracts from Action Research: A methodology for change and development

Bridget Somekh
Representing Teachers

Ivor Goodson
Storying Schools: Issues around attempts to create a sense of feel and place in narrative research writing

Pat Sikes
Visual Methods and the Visual Culture of Schools

Jon Prosser
Multimodal Ethnography

Bella Dicks et al
Ethnography and Data Re-use: Issues of context and hypertext

Bella Dicks et al
Multiple Methods in Qualitative Research with Children: More insight or just more?

Philip Darbyshire, Colin MacDougal and Wendy Schiller
Developing an Emancipatory Research Agenda: Possibilities and dilemmas

Len Barton
Ethics, Institutional Review Boards and the Changing Face of Educational Research

Kenneth Howe and Katharine Dougherty
Qualitative Research and Institutional Review Boards

Yvonna Lincoln and William Tierney
Ethics and Ethnography

Paul Atkinson
Research Ethical Guidelines and Anonymity

Geoffrey Walford
Rethinking Ethics Review as Institutional Discourse

Christine Halse and Anne Honey
'Caught in the Act': Ethics committee review and researching the sexual culture of schools

Louisa Allen
'Reading' the Nursery Classroom: A Foucauldian perspective

Liz Jones and Tony Brown
Deterritorializations: Putting postmodernism to work on teacher education and inclusion

Julie Allan
Beyond 'Emotional Literacy' in Feminist and Educational Research

Erica Burman
Scientific Culture and Educational Research

Michael Feuer, Lisa Towne and Richard Shavelson
Culture, Rigor and Science in Educational Research

Frederick Erickson and Kris Gutierrez
This IS your Father's Paradigm: Government intrusion and the case of qualitative research in education

Patti Lather
The Issue of Quality in Qualitative Research

Martyn Hammersley
Systematic Research Synthesis to Inform Policy, Practice and Democratic Debate

David Gough and Diana Elbourne
'Clarity Bordering on Stupidity': Where's the quality in systematic review?

Maggie MacLure
Synthesis Through Meta-Ethnography: Paradoxes, enhancements and possibilities

Lynn Doyle
How Can Systematic Reviews Incorporate Qualitative Research? A critical perspective

Mary Dixon-Woods et al
Building Confidence in Qualitative Research: Engaging the demands of policy

Harry Torrance

'Torrance offers the field a rich and expansive set of readings. His intervention is bold in its claims, conservative in its approach. It will most certainly serve its readers well-new as well as seasoned researchers and scholars. It will also call up new audiences, at the intersections between education and qualitative research' - Greg Dimitriadis, University of Buffalo, SUNY

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ISBN: 9781848602076