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Qualitative Researching

Qualitative Researching

Third Edition

© 2018 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The new Third Edition of this best-selling text guides students and researchers through the process of doing qualitative research, clearly explaining how different theoretical approaches inform what you do in practice. The text bridges the gap between “cookbook” and more abstract approaches to qualitative research, by posing “difficult questions” that researchers should be asking themselves. The book invites researchers to engage in a creative and critical practice in how they draw insights, interpret a range of types of data, and craft knowledge from qualitative research.

A theoretically engaged, grounded approach to qualitative researching, this remains the ideal text to guide students to become thoughtful, creative and effective qualitative researchers.
Preface and introduction to the third edition of this book
Chapter 1 - Intellectual puzzles and research questions
Chapter 2 - Choosing methods and planning your approach
Chapter 3 - Sampling and selecting in qualitative research
Chapter 4 - Ethics
Chapter 5 - Qualitative interviewing
Chapter 6 - Observing and participating
Chapter 7 - Being creative with methods
Chapter 8 - Making sense of qualitative data
Chapter 9 - Making convincing argument with qualitative data

Sophisticated and insightful, yet easy to follow, and suitable for all levels.  Make this your core text – you won’t be disappointed.

Takes students though the research process, providing insight and sound advice but never ignores the subtleties of the research process.  An excellent book.

Janet Foster
London School of Economics

Jennifer Mason is poetic in her coverage of qualitative research. The depth she can take whilst at the same time remaining grounded and realistic is wonderful. A researcher and author who takes readers, who are willing to be taken, into the philosophical, intellectual realms of unknowing in order to uncover with sensitive, thoughtful reflexivity the revelations of qualitative research.

Ms sue mills
The Lifelong Learning Institute, University of Leeds
January 10, 2018

This is a great book. It is so easy to follow and the level of detail is perfect for all levels. Lots of practical examples that bring the theory to life.

Mr Paul McCafferty
School of Social Sciences, Education & Social Work , Queen's University Belfast
October 25, 2017
Key features
  • Covers the full research process, with new material on analyzing and interpreting data and research ethics
  • Engages with exciting new developments in the field through challenging qualitative researchers to be creative with how they research and with what they find
  • Examines the potential of qualitatively-led approaches to mixed methods and their implications for research design, research practice, and the production of convincing arguments

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