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Race, Culture and Difference

Race, Culture and Difference

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Race & Ethnicity

April 1992 | 310 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
How does the concept of racism rear its ugly head and fester in society? How do notions of ``us'' and ``them'', ``inclusion'' and ``exclusion'', ``center'' and ``margin'' originate and operate? Bridging cultural studies and political analysis, `Race', Culture and Difference presents timely debates on race and its meanings in contemporary society and in educational and social policy. Linking feminist, post-structuralist and postmodernist concerns in recent social and cultural theory, it examines the contribution of ideas such as ``ethnicity,'' ``community,'' ``identity,'' and ``difference.'' The authors present a sustained yet sympathetic criticism of the organized forms of antiracism that have come to dominate educational policy. Their fresh, new approaches also begin to define an alternative agenda sensitive both to the problems and the possibilities of difference. A successful balance between important recent articles and substantial contributions specifically written for this volume, Race, Culture and Difference will prove essential reading for professionals and students of sociology, cultural studies and education, and for those concerned with discrimination and with antiracist policy.

General Introduction
Ali Rattansi
Changing the Subject? Racism, Culture and Education
Paul Gilroy
The End of Antiracism
Philip Cohen
`It's racism what dunnit'
Hidden Narratives in Theories of Racism

Caroline Knowles and Sharmila Mercer
Feminism and Antiracism
Avtar Brah
Difference, Diversity and Differentiation
Gauri Viswanathan
The Beginnings of English Literary Study in British India
Sander L Gilman
Black Bodies, White Bodies
Claire Pajaczkowska and Lola Young
Racism, Representation, Psychoanalysis
Frantz Fanon
The Fact of Blackness
Robert A Young
Colonialism and Humanism
Stuart Hall
New Ethnicities
Tariq Modood
British Asian Muslims and the Rushdie Affair
Nira Yuval-Davis
Fundamentalism, Multi-Culturalism and Women in Britain

`Will prove useful as a textbook in key areas of cultural studies' - Feminist Review

`An interesting book by virtue of the diversity of analyses, methods, and information used' - Contemporary Psychology

Without doubt, the book has several qaulities. It shows in a clear way the possible intersections of sociological treory and the politics of antiracism. It remains a classic in that field. Still, with a closer inspection, I found out that the topics discussed in the book doesn't really fit in with the content of the course.

Dr Fredrik Hertzberg
Dept of Education, Stockholm University
February 10, 2010