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Race, Racial Attitudes and Stratification Beliefs

Race, Racial Attitudes and Stratification Beliefs

First Edition
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May 2011 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Barack Obama's election as the forty-fourth president of the United States reinvigorated discussions of race, ideology and inequality in America. This debate occurs in an era when scholarly attention on the intersections in these key areas has been growing in tandem with the expanding racial and ethnic diversity of American society. To broaden our understanding of these complex convergences, this volume of the ANNALS continues the discussion by showcasing a set of cutting-edge papers by leading scholars of race and inequality, with special focus on racial attitudes and stratification beliefs research. Utilizing a mix of methodological and theoretical approaches, the contributors highlight four primary themes: (1) intersections of race, inequality, and ideology in specific institutional domains (e.g., crime, religion, work, immigration/national inclusion); (2) the meaning, measurement, and implications of "racial resentment"; (3) the role of social context and stereotypes in shaping racial (and non-racial) policy support; and (4) the operation of racial prejudice and stratification ideology in the context of Obama's presidency. This volume will appeal to a multidisciplinary scholarly audience, including policy-makers interested in current public opinion regarding the American occupational structure and its associated inequalities.

Matthew O. Hunt and George Wilson
Victor R. Thompson and Lawrence D. Bobo
Thinking about Crime: Attribution, Race, and Lay Accounts of Law Breaking Behavior
Ryan Light (University of Oregon), Vincent Roscigno (Ohio State University), and Alexandra Kalev (University of Arizona)
Racial Discrimination, Interpretation, and Legitimation at Work
Marylee Taylor and Stephen Merino (Penn State University)
Race, Religion, and Beliefs about Racial Inequality.
Jennifer Hochschild and Charles Lang (Harvard University)
Including Oneself and Including Others: Who Belongs in My Country?
Edward Carmines (Indiana University), Paul Sniderman (Stanford University) and Beth Easter (Indiana University)
On the Meaning, Measurement, and Implications of Racial Resentment
David C. Wilson (University of Delaware) and Darren Davis (Notre Dame)
Reexamining Racial Resentment: Conceptualization and Content
Steven Tuch (George Washington University) & Michael Hughes (Virginia Tech University)
Whites' Racial Policy Attitudes in the 21st Century: The Continuing Significance of Racial Resentment
Monica McDermott (Stanford University)
Racial Attitudes in City, Neighborhood, and Situational Contexts
George Wilson and Amie L. Nielsen (University of Miami),
'Color Coding’ and Support for Social Policy Spending: Assessing Its Parameters Among Whites
Eduardo Bonilla-Silva and David Dietrich (Duke University)
The Sweet Enchantment of Color-Blind Racism in Obamerica
Susan Welch (Penn State) and Lee Sigelman (George Washington University)
The ‘Obama Effect’ and White Racial Attitudes

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