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Raising Our Voices

Raising Our Voices
A Culturally Proficient Leadership Response for Gender Equity in Schools and Districts

First Edition

March 2020 | 168 pages | Corwin

About the Authors
Introduction: Identifying Pitfalls and Pipelines
Chapter 1: Owning the Stories We Tell - Our New Narratives
Chapter 2: Using Cultural Proficiency - A Framework for Gender Equity
Chapter 3: Confronting and Overcoming Barriers
Chapter 4: Moving Forward with Guiding Principles
Chapter 5: Understanding Feminism, Identity, and Intersectionality - Who Am I? Who Are We?
Chapter 6: Proposing Men's Actions as Allies, Advocates, and Mentors
Chapter 7: Raising Our Voices - A Call for Action
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"Gender equity is an educational issue for women and men school leaders as allies, advocates and mentors. Arriaga, Stanley and Lindsey provide school organizations and individual school leaders pathways for ensuring that schools and school districts have the expertise of highly qualified women educational leaders. The authors skillfully combine their personal experiences with current women’s narratives that illuminate lingering barriers to leadership roles. Then the authors provide narratives that highlight successful  personal and systemic pathways to entry-level and district-level leadership roles."

Randall Lindsey, Professor Emeritus
California State University, Los Angeles

"As someone who believes deeply that we need to find our voices around what matters, this book is a necessary and supportive addition to my bookshelf. The authors combine powerful statistics, personal narratives, and concrete strategies into an accessible and useful text both men and women can use to shift the conversation around gender equity at all levels in education."

Jennifer Abrams, Communications Consultant and Author of Having Hard Conversations

"Raising Our Voices is a verbal testament and journey of three women who speak to reveal the racial, classed, and gendered injustices they have witnessed as educational leaders as a means of healing, empowerment, and advocacy for a more humane present and future grounded in equity. Arriaga, Stanley, and Lindsey provide powerful counternarratives to interrupt the status quo, master narratives of male-dominated leadership roles, inspire male leaders to grow as culturally competent leaders and feminists, and to pave the way for future generations of women leaders from diverse backgrounds."

Gilberto Q. Conchas, Professor of Education
University of California, Irvine

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