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Read! Read! Read!

Read! Read! Read!
Training Effective Reading Partners

May 2000 | 128 pages | Corwin
This book outlines a program to address a need among educators to involve parents in the process of helping their children learn to read and write. Although the at-risk reader is provided with supplemental support at school, additional reinforcement is needed from home to maximize children's learning potential. While much has been written about how parents should read aloud to their children, this book goes beyond other publications by supplying the educator with a structured program that trains parents to implement a variety of techniques. The authors encourage parents to truly participate in their children's literacy development, armed with a knowledge of the reading process and aware of their invaluable role. The chapters contain a framework of concrete information that will guide educators in the most successful way to involve and train parents. Included are background knowledge and tools that professionals will need to run their own series of parent workshops. Specific workshop agendas and all supporting information are presented in a manner easily adaptable for the specific needs of various education situations. This book can be used by primary educators, special education teachers, reading specialists, Reading Recovery™ leaders and teachers, curriculum supervisors, principals, education majors in college, parents who homeschool, and anyone else who wants to learn how to successfully integrate parents into the development of children's literacy.

The Developmental Aspects of Reading
Using Phonics Meaningfully
Responding to Literature
Facilitating Your Own Workshops
Students Who Need More Support

"A comprehensive guide to creating an effective link between the home and school for the purpose of improving literacy skills!"

Jay R. Angster
School of Education, Monmouth University, NJ

"The single most effective thing a parent can do for their children is read to them. This book gives parents an excellent model for understanding the developmental aspect of that process."

Cris Riedel
School Library Media Specialist, Ellis B. Hyde Elementary School, Dansville, NY

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ISBN: 9780761976356