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Real Research

Real Research
Research Methods Sociology Students Can Use

Second Edition

December 2018 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc


Key features


• Designed specifically for sociology students, with a balance between basic research (the majority of what students will read in their sociology classes) and applied research (the methods and designs they will use in career settings).
• Each chapter presents a method in its entirety, allowing for maximum flexibility in teaching.
“Real Research Profiles” in every chapter feature former students who use that particular method in their sociology-related career.
"Check Your Understanding" exercises incorporated throughout the chapters encourage students to immediately practice what they have read
Two appendices, one on reviewing the literature and the other on writing research proposals, expose students to useful, practical strategies including how to search online databases for existing literature, how to avoid plagiarizing, how to craft a literature review, and the aim and parts of a good research proposal.

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ISBN: 9781544339689