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Reflective Reader: Social Work and Mental Health

Reflective Reader: Social Work and Mental Health

February 2009 | 192 pages | Learning Matters
Social work practice involves working with and supporting people with mental health problems in many settings and across the life span. Growing as a reflective and informed practitioner is central to one's development as a student social worker and as a registered social worker. With a focus on legislation, policy and practice, this book draws on excerpts from seminal writing, journal articles, policy papers, government initiatives, statistics and user perspectives and invites readers to deepen their appreciation and understanding of social work practice in the mental health context.

Social work values and ethical practice
Social work practice and mental health
The legal and policy context
Mental health needs of children and adolescents
Living with acute mental health need
Living with persistent mental health difficulties
Working in partnership and across services
Developing as a reflective practitioner

"This is an interesting and reflective text to complement the technical nature of the law". - Lecturer, University of Southampton.

I have selected this book to recomend to students about to go out on placement as it provides key information and an excellent starting point for understanding a complex area of practice. The book provides information which is relevant regardless of the practice setting.

Dr Ann Hodson
Social Work, Dundee University
February 24, 2012