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Reframing Contemporary Africa

Reframing Contemporary Africa
Politics, Economics, and Culture in the Global Era

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January 2010 | 412 pages | CQ Press

It is impossible to study Africa without understanding the debate about how to study Africa. At last, a book showcases the complexities and paradoxes of Africa’s recent and more distant history, while avoiding simplistic, Eurocentric conceptualizations of “black Africa.” With this book, Peyi Soyinka-Aiwerele and Rita Kiki Edozie offer students the background and perspectives they need to comprehend the dynamics of the continent as well as a clear path through the current literature and scholarly debate. With a cross-disciplinary approach that features political, historical, and economic analysis as well as popular culture and sociological views on contemporary issues, Reframing Contemporary Africa provides an unparalleled breadth of coverage.

Essays written by a distinguished and international group of scholars—including William Ackah, Pius Adesanmi, Susan Craddock, Caroline Elkins, Siba Grovogui, Mahmood Mamdani, Mutua Makau, Celestin Monga, Wole Soyinka, and Paul Tiyambe Zeleza—are designed to distill original scholarship for undergraduate readers. Each contribution helps students engage with the work and arguments of luminaries while exposing them to renowned African thinkers. Contributors deliver analysis that allows students to see beyond the clichés commonly presented in the media (and even in scholarship), and helpful section openers by Soyinka-Airewele and Edozie frame forthcoming chapters, giving important thematic and historical context. Reframing Contemporary Africa will certainly provoke new debate and reflection, not merely about African issues and politics, but also about the West and its framing of Africa.

This book offers a multidimensional analysis of current African politics. It is also comprehensive in terms of covering various issues and approaches to African politics including discourses on African representation and challenges that await the continent with the arrival of the global age.

Dr Ali Onur Tepeciklioğlu
International Studies, Ege Universitesi
February 3, 2020

Students have been encouraged to use the book as suplementary reading.

Dr Timothy Osadiya
Business & Humanities, Seevic College
February 28, 2014

This text is a combination of short readings which span the various aspects of discourse concerning contemporary development in Africa and the future ahead. The authors present us with a multidisciplinary approach, which focuses on the active role which African should and can play in dealing with the challenges she faces.

Dr Samantha Leonard
Department of Development Studies, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
September 23, 2013

This is an excellent book that covers many of the key issues surrounding Afican politics today. It is incisive in its analysis, and does a very good job at placing the history (and in particular the European involvement in the continent) in context. That it is written by Africans only adds to its value. This will feature at the top of my recoomended texts for the forthcoming year.

Mr Ian Shields
Law, Governance and Int'l Relations, London Metropolitan Uni (City Campus)
June 17, 2013

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