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Reframing Women's Health

Reframing Women's Health
Multidisciplinary Research and Practice

Edited by:
  • Alice Dan - University of Illinois, Carbondale

June 1994 | 432 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Offering a unique combination of pragmatic and philosophical perspectives, Reframing Women's Health presents an insightful exploration of the theoretical and practical advances in women's health care. The assembled works of this distinguished group of contributors addresses issues as diverse as the concept of biological primacy, the role of reproduction, and the possible repercussions of accepting the male experience as normative. Other subjects discussed include the physical, emotional, and legal elements of abuse, advances and methodology in clinical and behavioral research, as well as a variety of practice concerns. This comprehensive survey of critical women's health topics will be indispensable to researchers, educators, clinicians, and students in this and such related fields as gender studies, health sciences, psychology, and social work. "In Reframing Women's Health, the editor has assembled some of the finest authors in the field to create a broad-based, multidisciplinary source of the latest thinking on women's health. For a discipline this young, the book represents an extremely comprehensive collection of works. . . . The authors go beyond the stereotyped view of obstetric and gynecologic care and force the reader to consider women in relation to self and in relation to the world in which they live. . . . The tread that weaves through the book is one of challenging the old paradigm of women's health care as care of reproductive issues alone. It is a must read for clinicians or teachers who wish to broaden their own thinking in a way that will promote optimal health care for women." --Family Medicine "Especially recommended for college-level students of women's health and health science." --Diane C. Donovan, The Midwest Book Review

Alice Dan
Angela Barron McBride and William Leon McBride
Women's Health Scholarship
From Critique to Assertion

Lila A Wallis
Why a Curriculum on Women's Health?
Karen Johnson and Eileen Hoffman
Women's Health and Curriculum Transformation
The Role of Medical Specialization

Gail Webber
Women's Health and Family Medicine
A Canadian Perspective

Susan Cohen et al
From Female Disease to Women's Health
New Educational Paradigms

Jean A Hamilton
Feminist Theory and Health Psychology
Tools for an Egalitarian, Woman-Centred Approach to Women's Health

Lucy Candib
Self-in-Relation Theory
Implications for Women's Health

Michelle Harrison
Women's Health
New Models of Care and a New Academic Discipline

Carmen Barroso
Building a New Specialization on Women's Health
An International Perspective

Sara Segal Loevy and Mary Utne O'Brien
Community Based Research
The Case for Focus Groups

Judy Norsigian
Women and National Health Care Reform
A Progressive Feminist Agenda

Judith Wuest
Institutionalizing Women's Oppression
The Inherent Risk in Health Policy Fostering Community Participation

Ruth Behar
My Mexican Friend Marta Who Lost Her Womb on This Side of the Border
Nada L Stotland
Contraception and Abortion
Challenges Now and for the Next Century

Leonore Tiefer
Women's Sexuality
Not a Matter of Health

Jean Hunt and Carol Joffe
Problems and Prospects of Contemporary Abortion Provision
Mary Driscoll et al
Women and HIV
Mary P Koss
The Negative Impact of Crime Victimization on Women's Health and Medical Utilization
Carole Warshaw
Domestic Violence
Challenges to Medical Practice

Beth E Richie
Gender Entrapment
An Exploratory Study of the Link Between Gender-Identity Development, Violence Against Women, Race/Ethnicity, and Crime Among African American Battered Women

Lori Heise
Gender Based Abuse
The Global Epidemic

Sue V Rosser
Gender Bias in Clinical Research
The Difference it Makes

Michelle Oberman
Real and Perceived Legal Barriers to the Inclusion of Women in Clinical Trials
Renee Royak-Schaler
Health Policy and Breast Cancer Screening
The Politics of Research and Intervention

Nanette Silva
Towards a Feminist Methodology in Research on Battered Women
Sue Fisher
Is Care a Remedy?
The Case of Nurse Practitioners

Joan C Chrisler
Reframing Women's Weight
Does Thin Equal Healthy?

Anne Pollinger Haas
Lesbian Health Issues
An Overview

Carol J Gill, Kristi L Kirschner and Judith Panko Reis
Health Services for Women with Disabilities
Barriers and Portals

Diane Lauver
Factors Related to Secondary Prevention Behaviors for Breast Cancer
Denise C Webster
Tension and Paradox in Framing Interstitial Cystitis
Alice Dan
The Groundwork for Specialization in Women's Health


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