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Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy
Practical Applications

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May 1996 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Many counseling and psychotherapy researchers are suspicious of the pronouncements of practitioners because they are not backed up by research. Similarly, practitioners tend to ignore research findings because they think the studies have little relevance to their clinical practice. Bridging the gap between research and theory, this volume provides detailed clinical examples of the practical relevance of research. Research in Counseling and Psychotherapy brings together contributions from leading British and American psychotherapy researchers, who describe their research programs and explore how their findings can substantially inform therapeutic practice. This special volume clearly delineates the immediate relevance of research findings and encourages therapists to reflect on their methods in practice. The contributors also look to a more integrated approach to research and practice in skills training and supervised clinical practice in training courses. A useful resource to both students and professionals, Research in Counseling and Psychotherapy examines cutting-edge ideas in the practical applications of research findings.

Michael Barkham, William B Stiles, Gillian E Hardy and Susan D Field
The Assimilation Model
Theory, Research and Practical Guidelines

Larry E Beutler, Heidi A Zetzer and Rebecca E Williams
Research Applications of Prescriptive Therapy
Martin Heesacker and Cristina Mejia-Millan
A Research Program on Attitude Change Processes and Their Applications to Counseling
Gillian Butler
Research and Practice in the Treatment of Complex Anxiety Disorders
Developing More Effective Treatments

Susan L Wiser, Marvin R Goldfried, Patrick J Raue and Douglas A Vakoch
Cognitive-Behavioral and Psychodynamic Therapies
A Comparison of Change Processes

Norman Epstein and Donald H Baucom
A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach to Couples' Problems
A Program of Research and Its Clinical Applications

Frank W Bond and Windy Dryden
Modifying Irrational Control and Certainty Beliefs
Clinical Recommendations Based upon Research

Shak[ac]e G Toukmanian
Clients' Perceptual Processing
An Integration of Research and Practice

Shelley McMain, Rhonda Goldman and Leslie Greenberg
Resolving Unfinished Business
A Program of Study

Alvin R Mahrer
Discovery-Oriented Research on How to Do Psychotherapy

`In presenting the work of several significant contributors... [this book] outlines how a variety of researchers have approached a complicated phenomenon so that valid and general findings can be obtained... If you are interested in carrying out research yourself, there is a lot to learn here... This book is an excellent overview' - The British Journal of Psychiatry

`A wide variety of topics [is] on offer in this well-produced volume. Reading on research needs to be a high priority in a clinician's professional life; unfortunately, this practice has been dwindling, mainly - in the reviewer's view - due to poor training programmes. This needs to be remedied, and books such as this will contribute to the process' - Behaviour Research and Therapy

`Dryden has brought together a substantial collection of experts involved in research... There is much to explore in this book, as, for example, in a chapter on cognitive behavioural and psychodynamic therapies which looks in detail at the therapeutic strategies used in these approaches before trying to draw out practical applications of the research... there is much of interest and relevance... it is a book readers may find they can dip into time and again, taking in a little more on each occasion. If this is the future for books on counselling and psychological therapies, then research might at last play a real part in guiding day-to-day practice' - Counselling, The Journal of the British Association for Counselling

`This book should have a place on the shelves of every academic library, to be used as a reference by those who are pursuing research themselves or who want to consult research literature on their preferred model of therapy' - British Journal of Guidance and Counselling

`This is a book with much to offer to practitioner and researcher alike... which should certainly be on the shelves of every university library' - [ac]Eisteach, The Journal of the Irish Association for Counselling and Therapy

`A very interesting book... Its aim is to bridge the gap between researcher and practitioner... recommended' - Self & Society

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