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Research Methods in Educational Leadership and Management

Research Methods in Educational Leadership and Management

Third Edition
Edited by:
  • Ann R J Briggs - New Zealand Educational Administration and Leadership Society, New Zealand, Newcastle University, UK
  • Marianne Coleman - Institute of Education, University of London, UK
  • Marlene Morrison - Oxford Brookes University, UK

July 2012 | 448 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This classic guide continues to be the leading Research Methods text that specifically deals with Educational Leadership and Management. The collection boasts an array of high-profile international expert contributors, covering a wide range of specialisms, emphasising the importance of the critically engaged practitioner.

Accessible and user-friendly, this edition has been fully revised and updated to take full account of online research. It features new authors, more case studies and examples, and brand new chapters on:

- research Design

- grounded research

- ethnography

- discourse analysis

- narrative / Life history

- student voice

Whether you are postgraduate, an academic, or a practitioner researcher, if you are investigating Research Methods, Leadership & Management or Educational Research, this is the book you will need.

Ann R. J. Briggs, Marianne Coleman and Marlene Morrison
Marlene Morrison
Understanding Methodology
Margaret Grogan and Juanita M. Cleaver Simmons
Taking a Critical Stance in Research
David Stephens
The Role of Culture in Interpreting and Conducting Research
Jacqui Weetman DaCosta
Reviewing Educational Literature
Tony Bush
Authenticity in Research: Reliability, Validity and Triangulation
Hugh Busher and Nalita James
The Ethical Framework of Research Practice
David Scott
Research Design: Frameworks, Strategies, Methods and Technologies
Mary F. Hibberts and R. Burke Johnson
Mixed-Methods Research
Daniel Muijs
Surveys and Sampling
Michael Bassey
Case Studies
Rachel Lofthouse, Elaine Hall and Kate Wall
Practitioner Research
Clive Dimmock and Martha Lam
Grounded Theory Research
Marlene Morrison
Alan Floyd
Narrative and Life History
Jacky Lumby
Learner Voice in Educational Leadership Research
Marianne Coleman
Judith Bell and Pam Woolner
Developing and Using Questionnaires
Anna Vignoles and Shirely Dex
Making Use of Existing Data
Tanya Fitzgerald
Documents and Documentary Analysis
Jane Perryman
Discourse Analysis
Marlene Morrison
Reflection as Research: Using Diaries and Blogs
Pauline Dixon and Pam Woolner
Quantitative Data Analysis: Using SPSS
Daniel Muijs
Advanced Quantitative Data Analysis
Rob Watling and Veronica James with Ann R. J. Briggs
Qualitative Data Analysis: Using NVivo
Ann R. J. Briggs
Academic Writing

'It would be hard to find a more stellar cast of scholars and researchers than the one that appears in this important and timely work. Their expertise and viewpoints stretch around the world and touch the field of educational leadership and management at nearly all levels: policy, theory, and practice. I am confident that Research Methods in Educational Leadership and Management will become a "sole source" reference for professors, practitioners and policy wonks in educational leadership and management for many years to come'
-Fenwick W. English, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

'This is an excellent book which meets a real need. Although there is a good choice of books on educational research methods, this is the only one which provides an authoritative and fully comprehensive coverage of all key issues related to educational leadership and management research. This third edition not only updates the text and places greater emphasis on an international perspective, but has been significantly extended to provide more in-depth coverage of a number of key themes, including mixed methods research, computer-assisted data analysis and learner perspectives. Provision of further learning resources through a related website is an added bonus.

Although the book is an invaluable guide for all involved in educational leadership and management research, I have no doubt that it will have a much wider appeal to students of other closely related social science disciplines, including business and organisational studies.

As a programme leader in International Educational Management, I shall be strongly recommending this revised edition to university libraries and all students on postgraduate degree programmes in educational leadership and management'
-Dr Michael Wilson,

Programme Leader for the MA in International Educational Management,School of Education,

University of Leeds

This is on the reading list for my students who are doing their final year dissertation in Teaching and learning and early years education. There is a clear explanation of all the research methods needed.

Ms wendy askam
Health, Cardinal Newman College
December 20, 2023

Very helpful for students

Mrs Mia Forss
Social Care, Arcada Biblioteket
May 23, 2012

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