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Resiliency in Native American and Immigrant Families

Resiliency in Native American and Immigrant Families

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Volume: 2

June 1998 | 472 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Resiliency in Native American and Immigrant Families brings a fresh and welcome perspective to the study of American minority families. The editors seek to identify and appreciate the strengths and capabilities of families from Hawaiian, Native American, Asian American, and Latino/Hispanic American cultures in an effort to share knowledge that will result in ethnically and culturally sensitive family services and treatment programs. Part I addresses theoretical issues related to multiple ethnic groups. Part II focuses on issues of resiliency in a range of life situations facing families of Native American descent. Part III is about the resilient factors specific to racial and ethnic immigrant families, including Asian Americans and Latino/Hispanic Americans. The authors these chapters explore intergenerational social support and transmission of cultural identity among Asian Americans as well as the effect of cultural beliefs and values on attitudes toward work roles and educational attainment. Other chapters apply a resiliency perspective to discussions of caregiving, coping with hardship and discrimination, and the availability of community and social support to Latino/Hispanic families. Social workers, clinical practitioners, and scholars in ethnic studies, family studies, sociology, counseling, and psychology will find this material valuable.

Hamilton I McCubbin et al
Resiliency in Ethnic Families
A Conceptual Model for Predicting Family Adjustment and Adaptation

Gary D Sandefur
Race, Ethnicity, Families and Education
Anna Y Chan and Elaine Wethington
Factors Promoting Marital Resilience among Interracial Couples
Part Two A
Native Hawaiians

Anthony J Marsella et al
Native Hawaiian (Kanaka Maoli) Culture, Mind and Well-Being
Elizabeth A Thompson et al
Vulnerability and Resiliency in Native Hawaiian Families under Stress
Haunani-Kay Trask
Native Sovereignty
A Strategy for Hawaiian Family Survival

Part Two B
Native American Indians

Terry L Cross
Understanding Family Resiliency from a Relational World View
Jeanne L Connors and Anne M Donnellan
Walk in Beauty
Western Perspectives on Disability and Navajo Family/Cultural Resilience

Rochelle L Dalla and Wendy C Gamble
Social Networks and Systems of Support among American Indian Navajo Adolescent Mothers
Marc A Zimmerman et al
Enculturation Hypothesis
Exploring Direct and Protective Effects among Native American Youth

Part Three A
Asian Americans

Kwang Chung Kim and Shin Kim
Family and Work Roles of Korean Immigrants in the United States
Vicky Chiu-wan Tam and Daniel F Detzner
Grandparents as a Family Resource in Chinese-American Families
Perceptions of the Middle Generation

Paul Y L Ngo and Tari A Malz
Cross-Cultural and Cross-Generational Differences in Asian Americans' Cultural and Familial Systems and Their Impact on Academic Striving
Part Three B
Latino/Hispanic Americans

Maura I Toro-Morn
The Family and Work Experiences of Puerto Rican Women Migrants in Chicago
Manuel Barrera Jr, Susan A Li and Laurie Chassin
Exploring Adolescents' Vulnerability to Life Stress and Parental Alcoholism
The Role of Ethnicity and Family Conflict

Lynn Okagaki and Peter A Frensch
Parental Support for Mexican-American Children's School Achievement
Wendy C Gamble and Rochelle L Dalla
Parenting and Child Adjustment in Single- and Two-Parent, Euro- and Mexican-American Families
Katherine Fennelly, Patricia Mulkeen and Carina Giusti
Coping with Racism and Discrimination
The Experience of Young Latino Adolescents

Stephanie K San Miguel, Gale M Morrison and Teresa Weissglass
The Relationship of Sources of Support and Service Needs
Resilience Patterns in Low-Income Latino/Hispanic Families

Julia C Torquati and Wendy C Gamble
Continuity of Caregiving in Mexican-American and African-American Homeless Families
Pilar A Parra and Peter Guarnaccia
Ethnicity, Culture and Resiliency in Caregivers of a Seriously Mentally Ill Family Member

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