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Journal Gateway imageSAGE Publishing is the natural home for authors, editors, and societies. We are committed to providing the best possible service to all our publishing partners. The information on these web pages is designed to make publishing your article in a SAGE journal, or submitting a proposal for a new journal as easy as possible.

Journal Author gateway

Authors can find information on why to publish in a SAGE journal, the manuscript submission process and SAGE’s publishing policies, as well as ideas to promote your published article through the Journal Author Gateway.

Journal Editor gateway

Editors (or potential new SAGE editors wanting to submit a journal proposal) can find a wealth of information on how to manage their journal and ensure publication of the highest quality papers through the Journal Editor Gateway.

If you have a query about submitting your paper to a particular journal, please get in touch with the journal directly. Contact details can be found on the journal's webpage.

Reviewer Gateway

The peer review process is essential to the development of research across all subject areas. At SAGE we value the work done by peer reviewers in the academic community, who provide an essential service to the process of publication excellence, driving research within their fields of expertise. Find out more about reviewing for SAGE Journals through the Journal Reviewer Gateway.

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