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Sage College DEI — Author Inclusive Content

Author Inclusive Content

What is an inclusive textbook?

We want every student assigned a Sage textbook to feel represented within the material they’re learning, whether it’s a book’s narrative core content, video activities, photos and art work, case studies and vignettes, assessment questions, even the cover. Our guidelines help editors and authors think through what equitable representation looks like for a specific course within a discipline, detect areas for closer scrutiny and remediation, and rework and revise material accordingly.

Use these guidelines* for detecting and remedying bias in your content:

  1. Author Guidelines for Improving Representation and Diversity in Your Book
  2. Book Cover Feedback for Authors
  3. Guidelines for Using Microsoft Word Inclusivity Checker
  4. Guidelines for Vignettes and Case Studies
  5. Guidelines for Photo Research
  6. Guidelines for Art Programs
  7. Commonly Asked Questions About Using Inclusive Language

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