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SAGE Guide to Social Work Careers

SAGE Guide to Social Work Careers
Your Journey to Advocacy

  • Melissa Bird - Portland State University, Portland, OR, USA

March 2018 | 136 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

The SAGE Guide to Social Work Careers presents first-hand stories from practitioners to help inform, inspire, and guide students to become advocates for social justice issues. With a unique focus on advocacy and social justice, the book covers fundamentals of the social work profession—from coalition building to advocacy engagement and stakeholder outreach—across a range of practice areas, such as mental health, substance abuse, and criminal justice. Students in BSW and MSW programs will gain practical knowledge that will prepare them to successfully navigate their way to a rewarding career.

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About the Author
Chapter 1. Follow Your Passion, Not Just a Path

Chapter 2. Poverty
Stories From the Profession

Job Descriptions From the Field of Poverty Advocacy

Advocacy for Poverty: Policy Examples


Chapter 3. Child Welfare
Stories From the Profession

Job Descriptions From the Field of Child Welfare Advocacy

Advocacy for Child Welfare: Policy Examples


Chapter 4. Health Care
Stories From the Profession

Job Descriptions From the Field of Health Care Advocacy

Advocacy for Health Care: Policy Examples


Chapter 5. Disability
Stories From the Profession

Job Descriptions From the Field of Disability Advocacy

Advocacy for Disability: Policy Examples


Chapter 6. Mental Health
Stories From the Profession

Job Descriptions From the Field of Mental Health

Advocacy for Mental Health: Policy Examples


Chapter 7. Substance Abuse
Stories From the Profession

Job Descriptions From the Field of Substance Abuse Advocacy

Advocacy for Substance Abuse: Policy Examples


Chapter 8. Aging
Stories From the Profession

Job Descriptions From the Field of Aging Advocacy

Advocacy for Aging: Policy Examples


Maryann Martindale
Chapter 9. Criminal Justice
Stories From the Profession

Sonya Martinez
Job Descriptions From the Field of Criminal Justice Advocacy

Beth Davenport
Advocacy for Criminal Justice: Policy Examples

Kathryn Rehner

Kristie Holmes
Angela Henderson
Chapter 10. Advice for Moving Forward
Background and Résumé Building

Tasha Perdue
Getting the Interview

Troy Anderson
The Interview

Gretchen Whitt
Now What?

Final Words From the Author


“This is a very exciting text. The author shares her enthusiasm for policy advocacy and gives many practical examples of how to make a career in this field"

Samuel Gioia
Portland State University

“I like this book because of the stories and the layout. It is a nice balance of theory and practice. I find the book to be ‘friendly’ for first and second year students.”

Shane Whalley
The University of Texas at Austin

Perfect for the class!

Professor Mark Alan Howard
Benedictine - Mesa Campus, Benedictine University
August 8, 2023
Key features


  • A unique overarching theme of advocacy and social justice reflects a growing prevalence in the discipline and field.
  • Stories From the Profession inspire readers to engage in advocacy and make an impact in their communities.
  • Career trajectories are explored that align with chapter topics to show readers the scope of opportunities available in social justice work.
  • Job Descriptions From The Field include salary ranges, education and experience desired, responsibilities, and more.
  • Examples of policies that impact chapter topics establish meaningful connections that help make the content more relevant to readers.
  • Guidance on using web resources allows readers to learn more about policies relevant to topic areas on county, city, school board, congressional, and state levels.
  • A final chapter, Advice for Moving Forward, offers readers practical guidance on the interview process along with helpful examples of cover letters and resumes.

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