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New at SAGE

Health Information Management Journal

We are delighted to announce publication of Health Information Management Journal by SAGE from 2016.

Published on behalf of the Health Information Management Journal of Australia, HIMJ provides a forum for dissemination of original investigations and reviews covering a broad range of topics related to the management and communication of health information.

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Autism & Developmental Language Impairments

Autism & Developmental Language Impairments (ADLI) is a new international, open access, peer-reviewed, online-only journal providing rapid publication that aims to support and help shape research in the growing field of developmental communication disorders. The journal is not solely focussed on autism and specific language impairment and welcomes submissions across a wide range of topics within atypical language development.

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Public Health Reports

Public Health Reports focuses on such topics as tobacco control, teenage violence, occupational disease and injury, immunization, drug policy, lead screening, health disparities, and many other key and emerging public health issues.

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Special Issues

Perspectives in Public Health

The special issue Innovations in Healthy Aging looks at how the demographic change will have significant impact on the way health and care are delivered in the future. This special set of peer reviewed articles, opinion pieces and features examines changes in healthcare in the face of an aging population.

For up to date news and information about Perspectives in Public Health follow @RSPH_PPH.

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Journal of Health Services Research & Policy

The ‘Perspective' section of the Journal of Health Services Research & Policy offers brief, provocative but scholarly reviews of some of the prevalent ideas used in analysis and policy discourse. Authors are encouraged to ‘rattle the bars’ and challenge established beliefs.

The problem which it tackles is this: all academics and policy-makers live in a world of sedimented jargon; a rich morass of concepts, slogans and clichés: a few we can define precisely, many we can only vaguely remember, most we have never properly learned but have picked up from seminars, odd bits of reading and from conversation in bars. In a multidisciplinary area, such as health services research and health policy, where each of us must sometimes draw on several different disciplines, our individual understanding of the conceptual stew can be even more tenuous. This difficulty is made even greater by the considerable distance at which all of us operate from our home base. Medical statisticians get cut off from statistics, public health doctors lose contact with clinical medicine and epidemiology, social scientists can become remote from a good deal of the work of their parent disciplines.

We need, therefore, to improve our conceptual grasp, both of our own particular area and of the more general health policy arena in which we work. To this end, 'Perspectives' seek concise, readable, wide-ranging and informative reviews of some of the basic concepts in the field.

The following selection of Perspectives that have been published over the past 20 years illustrate the wide-range of topics from authors from a variety of disciplines.

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Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography

The January/February issue of the Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography is a very special issue. It represents the culmination of nearly two years of work by the first graduating class of the Sonography Research Institute. The Institute was created in 2012 by the SDMS Foundation to support young investigator sonographers; clinical sonographers without paper-writing or publishing experience but with an idea for an original research project that would advance the science of sonography. Each of the six young sonographer investigators highlighted in this issue was paired with a mentor throughout their project. They formulated their hypotheses, designed their studies, received all the necessary Institutional Review Board approvals, collected and analyzed the data, and wrote the articles that comprise this issue. They selected a wide variety of topics, including the epidemiology of breast cancer, the significance of a single umbilical artery, predictors of patent ductus arteriosus closure, sonographic surveillance of aortic aneurysm endovascular stent grafts, visualization of deep vein thrombosis, and uterine artery Doppler waveform evaluation.

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Canadian Journal of Psychiatry

The special issue, Key Findings from the 2013 Canadian Forces Mental Health Survey, contains 6 papers examining aspects of mental health status and mental health service provision in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). Publication of this supplement is partially motivated by a 2013 Canadian Forces Mental Health Survey (CFMHS)—a landmark source of updated information on mental health in the CAF.

Mental health in the CAF has attracted a lot of attention in the lay press in Canada and has triggered much public debate, especially around the issue of suicide. This supplement provides a welcome opportunity to examine these important questions through the lens of epidemiological data, providing much needed evidence on this topic.

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British Journal of Occupational Therapy

The special issue, Dimensions of Dementia, identifies the scope for educational, assessment and therapeutic interventions used by occupational therapists with people who are living with dementia.

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Pedagogy in Health Promotion

Don’t miss SOPHE’S first special theme issue in Pedagogy in Health Promotion: The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (PHP), which highlights the role of U.S. community colleges in enhancing the public health workforce. For more on this issue, please be sure to listen to a special podcast with Editor-in-Chief, Stephen Gambescia, PhD, MEd, MCHES; Guest Editor Richard Riegelman, MD, MPH, PhD and author Bonni Hodges, PhD.

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Health Education & Behavior

HE&B’s special supplemental issue, "Non-Communicable Diseases in Africa and the Global South,” published in April 2015, focuses on the growing concern of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) in low and middle income countries and promising solutions to reduce the global burden of NCDs.

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Health Promotion Practice

Special Issue on Community Health Workers, Promotores, & Health Educators Post–Health Reform.

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Journal News

American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease & Other Dementias

Raymond Chuen-Chung Chang, PhD takes over as Editor-in-Chief for AJADD.

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OTJR: Occupation, Participation and Health

As the occupational therapy journal of research, OTJR is committed to the rigor and transparency of scientific evidence. As such, we have transitioned to mandatory clinical trial registration for any manuscripts that wish to be considered for publication in our journal. Upon submission of a clinical trial, authors will be required to provide their trial registration number. Trials must be registered with a registry approved by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors and part of the WHO registry network. For our adopted definition of clinical trial, please visit

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Workplace Health & Safety

The nursing profession in the United States is on the precipice of a crisis. Nurses are essential to the health care industry, and maintaining quality nursing care is a primary concern of today’s health care managers. Health care facilities report high rates of staff burnout and turnover, and interest in the nursing profession among younger students is declining. Health care leaders must improve nurses’ job satisfaction, performance, and retention. However, they often overlook the need for nurses’ respite and underestimate the value of well-designed staff break areas. An exhaustive and systematic literature search was conducted in the summer of 2014, and all studies found on the topic were reviewed for their relevance and quality of evidence. The existing literature about the main causes of nurses’ fatigue, barriers that prevent nurses from taking restorative breaks, and consequences of nurses’ fatigue for staff, patient, and facility outcomes demonstrates the pressing need for interventions that improve nurses’ working conditions. Additional literature on the restorative effects of breaks and the value of well-designed break areas indicates that efforts to improve breakroom design can play an important role in improving nurses’ job satisfaction and performance.

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Canadian Pharmists Journal

From the March/April Issue of the Canadian Pharmists Journal, comes an article focusing on how pharmacists can help their dementia patients titled, Pharmacists doing more to support patients with dementia.

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Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine

We are happy to announce Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine has passed through the Scientific Quality Evaulation (stage 1) for acceptance into PMC. Currently it is undergoing a “technical evaluation” (stage 2 and final before indexing).

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Noteworthy Articles



Application of Raman Spectroscopy and Infrared Spectroscopy in the Identification of Breast Cancer

Authors: Joanna Depciuch, Ewa Kaznowska, Izabela Zawlik, Renata Wojnarowska, Marian Cholewa, Philip Heraud, and Józef Cebulski


Community occupational therapy for people with dementia and their family carers: A national survey of United Kingdom occupational therapy practice

Authors: Tom Swinson, Jennifer Wenborn, Sinéad Hynes, Martin Orrell, Jacki Stansfeld, Sally Rooks and Ritchard Ledgerd


Extending Our Understanding of Burnout and Its Associated Factors: Providers and Staff in Primary Care Clinics

Authors: William M. Spinelli, Karl M. Fernstrom, Dylan L. Galos, and Heather R. Britt


Association Between Medicare Summary Star Ratings for Patient Experience and Clinical Outcomes in US Hospitals

Authors: Stephen Trzeciak, John P Gaughan, Joshua Bosire, and Anthony J Mazzarelli


Association of Alcohol Use and Loneliness Frequency Among Middle-Aged and Older Adult Drinkers

Authors: Sarah L. Canham, Pia M. Mauro, Christopher N. Kaufmann, and Andrew Sixsmith


The Association Between Diabetes and Dementia Among Elderly Individuals: A Nationwide Inpatient Sample Analysis

Authors: Dean Sherzai, Ayesha Sherzai, Keith Lui, Deyu Pan, Daniel Chiou, Mohsen Bazargan, Magda Shaheen


A duty of kindness

Author: David Jeffrey


HCI cover

Health Risk and Protective Factors Among Hispanic Women Living in the U.S.–Mexico Border Region

Authors: Joseph P. De Santis, Elias Provencio-Vasquez, Bibiana Mancera, and Holly J. Mata


Calls for Papers

Global Health Promotion

The supplement issue of Global Health Promotion, Approaches to Health-Promoting Settings Around the World, is sponsored by the Health Promotion Administration of Taiwan and guest-edited by Dr. Shu-Ti Chiou (Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan) and Prof. Mark Dooris (University of Central Lancashire, UK), provides rich insights into how health promoting settings have been envisioned, created and sustained, both in Taiwan and around the world. As well as presenting tangible examples of innovative action, these articles and commentaries explore a range of emergent themes and challenges relevant to the future development of health promoting cities, schools, hospitals, and other settings.

To submit a supplement proposal to Global Health Promotion please contact


Health Psychology Open

The Editor of Health Psychology Open is planning a Special Issue on “The E-Cigarette: Cool, Cheap and Healthy?” to be published in 2017. Papers are invited from researchers in any relevant discipline on the psychosocial aspects of e-cigarette use.

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JDR Clinical & Translational Research

The JDR Clinical & Translational Research encompasses all areas of clinical and translational research in the dental, oral and craniofacial sciences. The journal is dedicated to original research at the interface between discovery science and clinical application, with the translation of research into healthcare delivery systems at the individual patient, clinical practice, and community levels.

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Journal of Reproductive Biotechnology and Fertility

Journal of Reproductive Biotechnology and Fertility is an open access, peer-reviewed, online only journal that considers articles on in vitro fertilization (IVF), assisted reproduction technology, reproductive biology, gamete biology, stem cell technology, and areas of reproductive medicine relevant to IVF.

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Clinical Risk

“Current Issues in Consent” – Special Issue now inviting submissions.

What are the practical and legal implications of consent for patients and clinicians? How can these be improved? This fascinating Special Issue publishing in Clinical Risk seeks to examine these issues, and invites submissions from legal professionals, clinicians, academics and any other profession involved in this important area of patient safety.

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Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare

Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare is an open access peer-reviewed journal publishing quality research on all aspects of human health and disease. Besides articles on traditional medical specialties, the journal also publishes articles dealing with biomedical sciences, epidemiology and public health, healthcare management, medical education, nursing science, experimental and clinical pharmacology, and translational research, among other clinically-relevant areas.

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Nutrition and Health

Relaunching in 2016 with a new look and exciting new aims and scope!

Nutrition and Health is a peer-reviewed online journal considering research on the relationship between nutrition and health, focusing in particular on the practical aspects of maintaining health. The journal also seeks to raise awareness of the interrelationship between nutrition, physical activity and life-style for improving health through life-course, particularly in later life, and to demonstrate how healthcare outcomes and policies can be improved with the adoption of a more nutrition-oriented approach.

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Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy

CJOT is inviting authors to submit their registered Randomized Control Trial (RCT) Protocols focusing on occupation-based, client-centred practice for expedited review and consideration for publication. For more information, please see the CJOT submission guidelines.

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Journal of Infection Prevention

Journal of Infection Prevention (JIP) is the professional publication of the Infection Prevention Society. The aim of the journal is to advance the evidence base in infection prevention and control, and to provide a publishing platform for all health professionals interested in this field of practice.

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Journal of Medical Marketing

Journal of Medical Marketing is an international journal for academics and healthcare executives in a marketing or strategic management role in the pharmaceutical, medical device or diagnostic sectors of the global medical industry. The Journal encourages authors to submit work related to analysis of existing practice and application of new technologies for competitive advantage.

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Journal of Generic Medicines

Journal of Generic Medicines is the major, peer-reviewed, international business journal written by and for professionals working in the generic medicines sector. It includes expert analysis, briefings and legal updates on all aspects of business development, regulatory affairs, manufacturing and marketing affecting the generic pharmaceutical industry. Each issue publishes papers which are of direct relevance to practitioners and that meet the highest intellectual standards.

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Nursing Science Quarterly

Nursing Science Quarterly (NSQ) is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal publishing original manuscripts focusing on nursing theory development, nursing theory-based practice and quantitative and qualitative research related to existing nursing frameworks, contributed by the leading theorists, researchers and nurse executives.

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Upcoming Conferences

22nd IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion

Come and visit the SAGE Publications stand (#25) at this international conference, to be held in Curitiba, Brazil. Follow @SAGEHealthInfo to hear more about SAGE’s activities and read specially selected content for free during the event from journals such as Global Health Promotion. For more information follow @iuhpe2016 #iuhpe2016 and @GHPjournal.

May 22–26, 2016 | Curitiba, Brazil

9th World Research Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC)

This biennial congress focuses on research in Palliative Care. Stop by the Palliative Medicine stand to find out more about the journal and meet the Editor-in-Chief. Visit the EAPC website to find out more about membership.

June 9-11, 2016 | Dublin, Ireland

European Health Management Association (EHMA) conference on New Models of Care. Reinventing healthcare: why, what, how

Healthcare systems worldwide are experiencing a “new normal” as they face challenges that will characterise the next decade and beyond. The scale and complexity of these challenges is daunting. Tackling them cannot be done through doing the same things faster or ‘better’. We urgently require new models, approaches, paradigms and solutions. Some are already emerging in practice. Some are being envisioned. All need to be circulated, discussed and tested. Medicine and healthcare are changing, nothing will stay the same.

June 14-16, 2016 | University of Porto, Portugal

College of Occupational Therapists (COT) 40th Annual Conference and Exhibition

The College of Occupational Therapists 40th Annual Conference and Exhibition and the Specialist Section – Trauma & Orthopaedics Annual Conference is the biggest conference ever with over 1,000 delegates attending!

The conference looks at Children and and Young People; Management and Leadership; Mental Health; Neurological Conditions; Older People; Research; Social Care; Student Education; Trauma and Orthopaedics.

June 28-30, 2016 | Harrogate, UK

BASHH Annual Conference

Come and visit the SAGE Publications stand at the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV Annual Conference, to be held at Examination Schools in Oxford, UK, 10th-12th July. For more information visit:

July 10-12, 2016 | Oxford, UK

2016 International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA) Annual Conference

Baby-friendly practices are those that support and promote breastfeeding – in all settings and stages – through the incorporation of the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding. This year’s ILCA conference celebrates these practices in hospitals, in clinics and physician offices, and throughout the family’s community. Join Journal of Human Lactation (JHL) Editor-in-Chief Joan E. Dodgson, PhD, MPH, RN, FAAN and Associate Editors Sara L. Gill, BSN, MSN, PhD, IBCLC and Kathleen Marinelli, MD, IBCLC, FABM during exhibit hours for a special “Meet the Editor” opportunity at the ILCA booth, and pick up your free sample copy of JHL while you’re there. Dr. Dodgson will also be leading a session during the conference on writing for JHL.

July 20–23, 2016 | Chicago, USA


Journal of Applied Gerontology

In the most recent JAG podcast, the authors discuss forms of elder mistreatment, including financial exploitation, physical abuse, and neglect, and how to tailor interventions to increase victim safety.

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Health Education & Behavior

A new “Hear it from the Authors” podcast is available online. Listen to guest editors Collins O. Airhehenbuwa and Gbenga Ogedegbe discuss HE&B’s special supplemental issue, "Non-Communicable Diseases in Africa and the Global South.” John Allegrante, Editor in Chief of HE&B, leads an engaging conversation about the rise of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in low and middle income countries and promising solutions to reduce the global burden of NCDs.

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