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American Journal of Health Promotion

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Applied Biosafety

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Canadian Journal of Nursing Research

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European Stroke Journal

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Hispanic Health Care International

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International Journal of Stroke

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Journal of Patient Experience

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MDM Policy & Practice

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Nordic Journal of Nursing Research

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Progress in Transplantation

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SAGE Open Nursing

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Special Issues

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Special Issue: Advancing Scientific Innovation with Acoustic Droplet Ejection

"Advancing Scientific Innovation with Acoustic Droplet Ejection (ADE)" is the theme of the February 2016 special issue of the Journal of Laboratory Automation (JALA). The issue, now available online with free public access sponsored by Labcyte Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA, USA), showcases 22 original scientific reports that share diverse peer-reviewed perspectives on how new ADE capabilities are changing the way that science is done.

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Special Issue: Health, Enviornmental Policy and the Extractive Industries

Increasingly, over the past decades, the health impact of the extractive industries has generated concern across the globe. This special edition of New Solutions on the extractive industries includes important contributions from different countries and across different continents. It presents a more consistent and much deeper insight into the varied “faces” of the extractive industries and compels us to look with fresh eyes for sustainable solutions in the context of the entire life cycle of these industries.

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Special Section: Community Health Workers

Coming soon: Don't miss the May issue of Health Promotion Practice, featuring a special section on Community Health Workers (CHW).   As outlined in the introductory commentary by Dr. Nadine Garcia, Director of the Office of Minority Health at HHS, CHW's are playing an ever more prominent role in the community and clinical workforce. Read how CHWs are working alongside Health Education Specialists and other practitioners to support patient outcomes in theost-health reform era.

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Journal News

Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine (JRSM)

JRSM is excited to announce the publication of an article by Ian Calder and Jan Till diagnosing the explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton (posthumously we must add) with a hole in the heart.The publication of this paper comes 100 years after the end of the ‘Endurance’ expedition which Shackleton led between 1914-1916 in a bid to cross Antarctica via the South Pole.

Find out more about this recent discovery about the Antarctic explorer in this JRSM article. Free to read for 30 days. 

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Canadian Journal of Nursing Research: Call for Editor

SAGE  seeks applicants for the position of Editor of the Canadian Journal of Nursing Research (CJNR) for a three-year term with possible reappointment. An editorial stipend is provided.

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Introducing New Journal of Human Lactation Editor-in-Chief Joan Dogson

The board of directors and executive staff of the International Lactation Consultant Association are pleased to announce Joan E. Dodgson PhD, MPH, RN, FAAN has been selected as the incoming Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Human Lactation (JHL).           


Medical Decision Making Policy & Practice

Medical Decision Making Policy & Practice (MDM P&P) is a newly launched open access journal at SAGE that focuses on research that addresses current problems in health care policy and practice. The journal offers rigorous and systematic applications of decision science that are designed to improve the health and clinical care of individuals and to assist with health-policy development. MDM P&P focuses on the application of current theories, methods, and approaches from a variety of disciplines to important problems facing clinical and health policy decision makers, including patients, providers, producers, and payers.


Top-Read Articles

Application of Spatially Fractionated Radiation (GRID) to Helical Tomotherapy using a Novel TOMOGRID Template

By  X. Zhang, J. Penagaricano, Y. Yan, S. Sharma, R. J. Griffin, M. Hardee, E. Y. Han, and V. Ratanatharathom

Occupational Stress Management and Burnout Interventions in Nursing and Their Implications for Healthy Work Environments: A Literature Review

By Behdin Nowrouzi, Nancy Lightfoot, Michael Larivière, Lorraine Carter, Ellen Rukholm, Robert Schinke, and Diane Belanger-Gardner

Are you serious? From fist bumping to hand hygiene: Considering culture, context and complexity in infection prevention intervention research

By J. Reilly, K. Currie, M. Madeo

Stress, Social Support, and Burnout Among Long-Term Care Nursing Staff

By Erin L. Woodhead, Lynn Northrop, and Barry Edelstein

Knowing the midwife before delivery reduces the prevalence of caesarean section on demand in a group of second time mothers with a complicated first delivery 

By Lise C Gaudernack , Thore Egeland and Nanna Voldner

Social Network, Activity Participation, and Cognition: A Complex Relationship

By Howard Litwin and Kimberly J. Stoeckel

A Natural Experiment Opportunity in Two Low-Income Urban Food Desert Communities: Research Design, Community Engagement Methods, and Baseline Results


Tamara Dubowitz, Collette Ncube, Kristin Leuschner, and Shannah Tharp-Gilliam

Chronic Disease Diagnosis as a Teachable Moment for Health Behavior Changes Among Middle-Aged and Older Adults 

By Xiaoling Xiang

Calls for Papers


Contribute to the free dissemination of medical research. JRSM Open accepts articles of interest to those involved in improving patient care and publishes case reports, research papers, research letters and clinical reviews. Submit before April 1st to benefit from the lower Author Payment Charge before the rate rises in line with industry standards. 

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Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare

Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare aims to be a forum that informs and stimulates discussion among health professionals, ultimately improving patient outcomes and care quality. While the journal is chiefly focused on healthcare and biomedical research within Southeast Asia, the research we publish is of global relevance and we welcome contributions from all parts of the world.

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Health Psychology Open

Health Psychology Open is an international, open access, peer-reviewed, online-only journal providing rapid publication that aims to support and help shape research in health psychology from around the world. Reports of systematic reviews, in-depth theoretical papers, methodological papers and qualitative studies are welcomed.

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Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine

Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine (GGM) is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed open access journal where scholars from a variety of disciplines present their work focusing on the psychological, behavioral, social, and biological aspects of aging, and public health services and research related to aging. The journal addresses a wide variety of topics related to health services research in gerontology and geriatrics. GGM seeks to be one of the world’s premier Open Access outlets for gerontological academic research.

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British Journal of Occupational Therapy: 5 good reasons to publish your paper in this journal!

To find out why your international colleagues are publishing in this journal, click below.

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Healthcare Management Forum and Health Services Management Research

Healthcare Management Forum and Health Services Management Research are jointly producing a one-of-a-kind themed edition on how to sustain universal health coverage. The Special issues will be published in November 2016. Ron Lindstrom and Federico Lega, Editors in Chief of the journals welcome your papers on the following topics:

  1.  Health technology assessment (could include using evidence to discontinue the use of technologies, what factors influence decision making such as economic growth);
  2. The future of health informatics (could include geographical barriers to healthcare, mobile health, remote provision of services, shift in treatment to preventive health);
  3. The privatization of services (could include surgical services, drugs) versus systems like Medicare;
  4. Improving health service outcomes using findings from other fields (for example, biology, theoretical physics, arts-based leadership and neuroscience);
  5. New, emergent or consolidated models for care delivery (could include concierge medicine, low cost medicine, free standing units, focused factories, and how they impact health systems); and
  6. Case management in hospitals and the re-integration of professional expertise (could include how multidisciplinary teams and other approaches are making advances).

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Submit your research to DIGITAL HEALTH

If you are writing a paper in the area of Digital Health, you can still submit free to Open Access journal DIGITAL HEALTH during the introductory period. Contribute your paper and achieve maximum visibility of your research. 

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Submit your paper to Journal of Research in Nursing

The Journal of Research in Nursing is a leading peer reviewed journal that blends good research with contemporary debates about policy and practice.  The Journal contributes knowledge to nursing practice, research and local, national and international health and social care policy. Each issue contains a variety of papers and review commentaries within a specific theme. 

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Conference Highlight

AAOHN 2016 National Conference

Join AAOHN in Jacksonville, Florida, April 11-14, 2016 for four days of continuing education, networking and professional development. The 2016 conference theme is “Leading the Future: Endless Possibilities in Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing,” and, as an attendee, you can learn current and cutting-edge best practices and explore the latest technology and resources to improve the management of your occupational and environmental health and safety practice.
Details: April 11-14, 2016. Jacksonville, FL

Southern Gerontological Society 2016 Annual Meeting

Join us in Charlottesville, Virginia, March 31st to April 3rd for SGS’ Transforming the Landscape of Caregiving: From Research to Practice.  Southern Gerontological Society conferences hold a long and quite outstanding record of successfully merging academics and applied practitioners together to create much needed dialogue about the needs of an aging population and how to best go about finding a way to meet the demands of our changing demography. The goal of our 2016 conference is to continue that dialogue and to encourage discussion among all of our attendees about the many challenges and changes happening within our local, state, national and global “communities”.
Details: March 31 - April 3, 2016. The Boar's Head Resort, Charlottesville, VA

European Health Management Association (EHMA) conference on New Models of Care. Reinventing healthcare: why, what, how

Healthcare systems worldwide are experiencing a “new normal” as they face challenges that will characterise the next decade and beyond. The scale and complexity of these challenges is daunting. Tackling them cannot be done through doing the same things faster or ‘better’. We urgently require new models, approaches, paradigms and solutions. Some are already emerging in practice. Some are being envisioned. All need to be circulated, discussed and tested. Medicine and healthcare are changing, nothing will stay the same.
Details: June 14-16, 2016 – changed location to University of Porto, Portugal

Society for Public Health Education 67th Annual Meeting

Building Capital: Investing in the Future of Health Education
Join a diverse group of health professionals in Charlotte, NC as we expand our inter-professional capital by working across disciplines to engage and empower populations in effecting change. This scientific conference will expand the knowledge capital and skills of our health promotion workforce, one of the most powerful and promising investments for effective practice and research in 2016 and beyond.
Details: March 30 - April 1, 2016. Charlotte, NC.