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Special Issues

Conducting Research with Limited Funding

Check out the latest Special Issue from Western Journal of Nursing Research. Building the science for nursing practice has never been more important. However, shrunken federal and state research budgets mean that investigators must find alternative sources of financial support and develop projects that are less costly to carry out. The articles in this issue provide some cost-effective research approaches and suggestions for finding other sources of funding.

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Chronic Disease and Aging: Screening and Management Applications

When one considers the health care landscape in the United States, it is difficult to ignore the driving influence of chronic disease on utilization and costs.  Into this challenging but vital context come several Journal of Applied Gerontology articles that describe advances in how chronic diseases and their associated functional limitations are screened, assessed, and managed.

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Moral distress
Guest editor: Elizabeth Peter

This special edition of Nursing Ethics brings together a number of excellent manuscripts that further this scholarship by examining the relationship of moral distress to a host of important variables in the work lives of nurses, expanding the international focus of the research, synthesizing existing papers, proposing interventions to prevent and lessen moral distress, and debating the future and relevance of moral distress as a concept.

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Focus: Politics and patient-centred care

This edition of Journal of Research in Nursing brings together five papers and their associated reviews, sandwiched between two Editorials and two Perspectives. The golden thread in this edition is politics and patient-centred care.

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The Sociology of Hope in Contexts of Health, Medicine and Healthcare
Edited by:
Alan Petersen and Iain Wilkinson

The articles in this special issue attempt to bring a sociological lens to the ways in which discourses of hope are both made manifest and experienced in the contexts of health, medicine, and healthcare. They are rooted in the understanding that we should be critically questioning the values incorporated within the social representation of hope as a positive attribute of health or as the goal of medicine.

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Voices from the Field: Expert Reflections on Mild Cognitive Impairment
Guest editors: Stephen Katz and Kevin R Peters

This special issue of Dementia consists of a nine interviews with some of the leading scientists, researchers and thinkers who have worked on Mild Cognitive Impairment, better known by its acronym ‘MCI’, within a constellation of issues ranging from its classification, diagnosis, aetiology, intervention, therapeutics, risks and ethics.

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Noteworthy Articles

Effectiveness of Caregiver Interventions on Patient Outcomes in Adults With Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease:
A Systematic Review

By Joan M. Griffin, Laura A. Meis, et al.

Equity in Breastfeeding: Where Do We Go from Here?

By Rafael Pérez-Escamilla and Dan Sellen

Do nurses change a child’s peripheral intravenous catheter when clinically indicated?

By Ann-Cathrine Bramhagen, Mikael Löwenhielm and Ewa Idval

‘Why does it happen like this?’
Consulting with users and providers prior to an evaluation of services for children with life limiting conditions and their families

By Anne Hunt, Erica Brown and Jane Coad, et al.

Tactile drawing aesthetics and a blind woman’s drawings of sounds

By John M Kennedy

The rise of the avatar: Virtual dimensions of ‘the human’ in nursing science

By Martin Salzmann-Erikson and Henrik Eriksson

Optimizing the uptake of health checks for people with intellectual disabilities

By Roy McConkey, Laurence Taggart and Molly Kane

Persisting variation in testing and reporting Clostridium difficile cases

By Giovanni Satta, Sejal Parekh, Hannah Dabrowski & Hawabibee Petkar

Regulation of the pharmaceutical industry: promoting health or protecting wealth?

By Alan Maynard & Karen Bloor

My patient has no blood pressure: point-of-care ultrasound in the hypotensive patient – FAST and RELIABLE

By Andrew Liteplo, Vicki Noble & Paul Atkinson

Personal home care workers’ role in hospital: a qualitative study

By Liat Ayalon, Sara Halevy-Levin, Zvi Ben-Yizhak & Gideon Friedman

Interventions to reduce bullying in health care organizations: A scoping review

By Elizabeth Quinlan, Susan Robertson, Natasha Miller & Danielle Robertson-Boersma

Calls for Papers

Pedagogy in Health Promotion: The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Call for Papers and Reviewers

The quarterly journal welcomes works addressing the art and science of teaching and learning, and how it contributes to the formation and ongoing development of the health promotion professional working in any site and with a range of populations. PHP is distributed to more than 4,000 universities and libraries, as well as to public health academicians, researchers and practitioners, with an average time from submission to first decision of 36 days. Submit your article or become a reviewer today!

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Journal of Intellectual Disabilities Special Issue Call for Papers

"Service delivery models for people with intellectual disabilities in developing countries"

Papers are welcomed that report on the evaluation of innovative service models for persons with intellectual disabilities either conducted in, or focused on, developing countries. Studies describing the innovative use of resources and bridging gaps within existing service systems, with the potential for generalizing to other countries and settings are particularly welcome.

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