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Welcome to SAGE Psychiatry News. Read on to discover impactful research from the leading journals in Psychiatry, including new special issues and noteworthy articles. Don’t forget to keep up-to-date with the latest calls for papers and submit your manuscript to our journals!

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Special Issues

JOP cover

Joint BAP NAPICU evidence-based consensus guidelines for the clinical management of acute disturbance: De-escalation and rapid tranquillisation

The British Association for Psychopharmacology and the National Association of Psychiatric Intensive Care and Low Secure Units developed this joint evidence-based consensus guideline for the clinical management of acute disturbance. It includes recommendations for clinical practice and an algorithm to guide treatment by healthcare professionals with various options outlined according to their route of administration and category of evidence. 

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Anthropological Perspectives on Eating Disorders

This special issue from Transcultural Psychiatry explores how anthropological approaches to eating disorders have developed in the last decade. It encourages anthropologists, clinical researchers and practitioners to engage in new cross-disciplinary dialogues on eating disorders, for the further development of culturally informed understandings of and points of intervention for these complex conditions.

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GAQ cover

17th Symposium of the Group Analytic Society International, Berlin 2017

This issue of Group Analysis contains the introduction to the 17th Symposium of the Group Analytic Society International, as well as articles based on the presentations of the symposium, including the key note lecture "Learning from Strangers: ethnopsychiatry in practice" by Catherine Grandsard.

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HPY cover

Historicizing Transcultural Psychiatry

The articles in this special issue ‘Historicizing transcultural psychiatry’ were first presented at a workshop at the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Paris-Nord (MSH-PN) in March 2016, entitled ‘Significant Figures in the History of Transcultural Psychiatry’.

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Journal News

ANP cover

ANZJP’s latest debate: Bringing binge eating disorder into focus: The sidelined eating disorder

Authored by the Australia and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders (ANZAED). Debates are regularly published in ANZJPsign up for table of contents alerts to stay up to date.

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New at SAGE: Developmental Child Welfare

SAGE will be launching a new journal called Developmental Child Welfare due to publish its first issue in March 2019 and is now accepting submissions. The broad aim of the journal is to advance our understanding of the development, health (including mental health) and well-being of children and adolescents exposed to severe social adversity throughout the world, specifically maltreated children and adolescents who remain in their parents’ care, and those subsequently placed in alternative forms of care – as well as the long-term impact that these experiences have on adult development and the development of subsequent generations.

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EEG cover

Become a Member of the EEG & Clincial Neuroscience Society

Society membership includes experts in neurology, psychiatry, psychology and rehabilitation involved in translational research and clinical developments in the field of behavioural neuropsychiatry. Members have a free subscription to the journal of the Society: “Clinical EEG and Neuroscience”. It should be noted that ECNS membership fees are reasonably low.

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Top-Read Articles

ANP cover

School Shootings – ‘It wouldn’t happen here’? by Owen Haeney, David Ash, Cherrie Galletly

ANP cover

Changing body mass index: The need for a more measured approach? by Cornelia Kaufmann, Neelya Agalawatta, Tim Outhred, Gin S Malhi

JOP cover

APY cover

Alzheimer’s disease: clinical update on epidemiology, pathophysiology and diagnosis by Dhamidhu Eratne, Samantha M Loi, Sarah Farrand, Wendy Kelso, Dennis Velakoulis, Jeffrey CL Looi

JOP cover

Psychedelics and the essential importance of context by Robin L Carhart-Harris, Leor Roseman, Eline Haijen, David Erritzoe, Rosalind Watts, Igor Branchi, Mendel Kaelen

CCP cover

Empowering young people who experienced domestic violence and abuse: The development of a group therapy intervention by Lisa C Fellin, Jane E M Callaghan, Joanne H Alexander, Claire Harrison-Breed, Stavroula Mavrou, Maria Papathanasiou

HPO cover

CPA cover

Guidelines for the Pharmacotherapy of Schizophrenia in Adults by Gary Remington, Donald Addington, William Honer, Zahinoor Ismail, Thomas Raedler, Michael Teehan 

Calls for Papers

ANP cover

ANZJP: latest Impact Factor 5.084

ANZJP, the premier psychiatry journal of the Asia Pacific, is now increasingly influential on a global scale. Submissions and readership are highly international. The journal is in the top quartile of the Psychiatry (SCI and SSCI) JCR categories.

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JOP cover

Journal of Psychopharmacology: Impact Factor 4.738

The Journal of Psychopharmacology is a fully peer-reviewed, international journal that publishes original research and review articles on preclinical and clinical aspects of psychopharmacology.

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Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology

The aim of this special collection is to provide a balanced update on recent advances and caveats in the development of novel therapies for depression.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Ketamine and ketamine analogues
  • NMDA receptor and other glutamate receptor modulators
  • Opioid receptor modulators
  • Combination therapies
  • Anti-inflammatory agents

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DLI cover

Autism and Developmental Language Impairments

Open Special Collections for Autism and Developmental Language Impairments. Submit your paper to one of the following Special Collections:

  • Technology
  • Comorbidity in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Developmental Language Impairments
  • Gesture Development and Use of Individuals with Autism and Developmental Language Impairments
  • The Relationship Between Motor Development and Language Development in Individuals with Autism and Development Language Impairments

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JGP cover

Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry & Neurology

Attention fellows: The Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry & Neurology is inviting you to submit for the inaugural Jeffrey L. Cummings Award, which will be presented to the winning original research or review article by an active or within one year of completion fellow in the geriatric psychiatry, psychology or neurology fields. 

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CPA cover

Canadian Journal of Psychiatry: latest Impact Factor 3.612

The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry includes peer-reviewed scientific articles analyzing ongoing developments in Canadian and international psychiatry. Regular features include the popular "In Review" series, written on a broad range of biopsychological topics; new perspectives articles that take evidence-based sides on controversial, complex, or emerging themes; and the latest Original Research and Systematic Review papers.

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Australasian Psychiatry

Listen to this interview with Prof Dennis Velakoulis for the special issue on Neuropsychiatry. Visit the journal homepage for the latest podcasts with article authors.

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