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Special Issues

Theory, Culture & Society and Body & Society

This e-special issue of Theory, Culture & Society presents key works published by the late British Sociologist John Urry (1946-2016) in the journals Theory, Culture & Society and Body & Society. It serves both to commemorate and to continue Urry’s profound contributions as a social theorist, as a network builder, and as a public intellectual who changed the face of British, and indeed global, social science.



Race & Class

The latest issue of Race & Class leads with two very timely and politically-provoking articles on the international impact of securitisation. Chandra Russo (of Colgate University, US) explores, through the protests of the group Witness Against Torture, how solidarity with those detained at Guantánamo has been maintained on US streets and how the plight of detainees can be linked to that of Black communities in the US ‘interior’. Joschka Fröschner writes on the way that development aid (taking an example from Germany) is now, under the impacts of neoliberalism and the war on terror, being channelled towards border control in the name of reducing security risk. 



Social Science Information: Special Issue: Unfolding emergence and re-animating the causal flow

Unfolding emergence and re-animating the causal flow. This special issue of Social Science Information (in itself both the product and the production of a certain emergence) is interested in exploring how different registers of activities actually unfold. It also examines how combinations of these activities, both distinctive and indissociable, contribute to the actual emergence of assorted modalities of contemporary existences. Watch the accompanying video.



Critical Sociology

The latest issue of Critical Sociology, features a Symposium on Human Rights, exploring the limits to and implications of the pursuit of human rights politically, economically and socially.



Sociology Special Issue: Bringing it ‘Home’? Sociological Practice and the Practice of Sociology

This is a unique special issue that marks both 50 volumes and 50 years of Sociology. The content considers the developing story of sociology and charts how the practice of the discipline has ‘spun out’ beyond the dedicated departments that were once the centres of sociological practice, and discusses the implications of interdisciplinary connections.

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International Sociology Special Issue on ‘The Sacred and the Urban in Asia’

This new special issue in Intenational Sociology, guest edited by Daniel Goh and Peter van der Veer, studies the relationship between the sacred and the urban by focusing on urban religious aspirations in diverse globalizing Asian cities.

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Methodological Innovations

Open Access journal Methodological Innovations has published a Special Section on Modelling Key Variables in Social Science Research.

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Emotion Review Special Issue: Taking Stock and Moving Forward: 25 Years of Emotional Intelligence Research

Taking Stock and Moving Forward: 25 Years of Emotional Intelligence Research.
Read the introduction to the new special issue from Emotion Review which considers the state of the field and provides suggestions for further advances.

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Top Read Articles

Sociological Perspectives on Sex Work and Human Trafficking

Authors: Kari Lerum and Barbara G. Brents


Calls for Papers


Special Issue Call for Papers: Gender in the 2016 Elections

Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World invites papers for a special issue on gender in the 2016 elections. We invite contributions on all topics relevant to gender and politics. Informative papers on trends or cross-national comparisons are welcome as long as they are  framed in relation to the 2016 U.S. election. The deadline for manuscript submissions is January 15, 2017.

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Sociology Special Issue Call for Papers: Migration and Crisis in Europe

This special issue will critically examine how the relationship between migration and different dimensions of crisis has played out in the context of Europe over the last ten years. The editors are interested to explore how migration has been differently affected by, and has responded to economic, social and political crises across Europe. Deadline for submissions is 13 March, 2017.

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Work, employment and society Special Issue Call for Papers: In, Against and Beyond Precarity: The Struggles of Insecure Workers

This special issue of Work, employment and society (WES) follows the thematic focus of the 2016 WES conference: 'Work in Crisis'. Contributions are invited to think critically not only about ‘precarity’, but also about the agency of those within precarious conditions and about how to move beyond them. Deadline for submissions is 1 March, 2017.

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International Journal of Comparative Sociology

Submit your research to the International Journal of Comparative Sociology which encourages competing perspectives and dialogue from sociologists worldwide.



Videos & Webinars

Fostering a Scientifically Informed Populace

The vast scientific information available in our digital society can be complex, confusing, and often conflicting – and leads to one meta-question: how do we foster public understanding of science? Two scholars investigate how the public learns about science and then chooses to trust it (or not) addressed that question in a free webinar sponsored by the journal Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences and its parent organization, the Federation of Associations in Behavioral & Brain Sciences (FABBS).


An Editor’s Eye: Sociology and 50 Years of Editing Sociology

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sociology, past and present Editors held a session at the BSA Annual Conference 2016 reflecting on their experiences and the history of the journal, and discussing where the journal might go in the future.


Peer Review Insights: Tips from the Experts Vanessa Beck & Andy Danford, University of Leicester

The peer review process lies at the heart of academic activity – playing a key role in the evaluation and dissemination of research findings. Learning how to review is therefore an important elements of being an academic. Work, employment, and society (WES) Editors, Andy Danford and Vanessa Beck explore the process of peer reviewing articles submitted for publication in journals. This was filmed at the 2016 BSA Annual Conference in Birmingham.


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