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What Students and Instructors are saying

I think that Vantage [is] an ideal system that will promote engagement of students.

- Linda Trautman,
Ohio University, Political Science

I am really excited to have tools that help motivate students to actually do the reading…

- Emily Hopkins,
University of Scranton, Psychology

...Really going to deepen students’ understanding and...boost their comprehension.

- Daniel Okamura,
University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Sociology

I have used every other major digital platform that exists, and I can say that Vantage has no equal.

- William Parent,
Instructor, San Jacinto College

Student performance after implementing Vantage is incredible...this is a really tangible way to see that.

- Karen Deeming,
Instructor, Merced College

My learners said it forced them to read…they really enjoyed the interactive nature of the program.

- Daniel Amoruso,
Instructor, Boise State University

…[It’s] easy to read, it’s just straightforward.

- Melissa,
Student, Stockton University

10-minute course set-up…I love Vantage!

- Karin Machluf,
Instructor, Penn State Scranton