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SAGE Video Education Collection

Comprised of over 120 hours of video, this collection offers a practical view into a full range of teaching settings and situations, from early years to educational leadership, to support students needing to understand theory or how to apply it in practice. View the complete title list.

Contributors include: leading authors Peter Smith on Bullying, Wendy W. Murawski on Co-Teaching, Julia Link Roberts on Gifted and Talented Education, and many more.

New Content Update in 2020!

The SAGE Video Education collection will be receiving approximately 7.5 hours of new content in January. Videos will cover the diverse nature of the field, with a focus on:

  • Special Education & Inclusive Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Teaching Methods & Learning Styles

Much of the content will contain observational classroom footage, showing classroom activities for young children with special needs, assessment techniques, and different instructional methods (small group, one-on-one, etc.).

Additionally, new licensed content from Documentary Education Resources set in classrooms and schools revolves around issues currently facing teachers—pressures to rely on testing as the sole benchmark of student success, creating environments where diverse student populations can thrive, rehabilitating neglected schools, and alternative education methods.



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    Editorial Board:

    • Diana Linn, Texas A&M University
    • Terry Shepherd, Indiana University South Bend
    • Gene Hall, University of Nevada Las Vegas
    • Alma Fleet, Macquarie University
    • Amanda Buotot, Texas State University
    • Kimberly Gordon-Biddle, California State University, Sacramento
    • Laurie deBettencourt, Johns Hopkins University
    • Scott Buckler, University of Worcester
    • Lani Florian, Edinburgh University
    • Bill Howe, Connecticut Department of Education

    Video will cover topics across the following core areas:

    • Classroom Discipline & Organization
    • Staff Development and Professional Learning
    • Elementary/Primary Education
    • Early Childhood Education & Development
    • Gifted and Talented Education
    • Secondary Education
    • Educational Administration and Leadership
    • Special and Inclusive Education
    • Teaching Diverse Students
    • Learning Theories
    • Working with Parents, Families and Communities
    • Educational Research



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