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School and the Magic of Children

School and the Magic of Children

May 2020 | 232 pages | Corwin UK

In this book, I share with you an alternative to the ‘school’ of today. A way of creating the conditions for you to go on an adventure with children. Education should not be a predetermined journey with map already drawn, with no ability to leave the path or pause. It should be a co-adventure.

This co-adventure can only take place when we take the first step into the unknown. This can feel daunting and can open us up to questions and uncertainty. However, once we do take that first step, an adventure lies ahead like no other – an adventure so magical that it can and will change everything. And the reason that this adventure is so special is that it will take you into the very soul of children and of yourself.

In these pages, I offer you an invitation. It comes from my head and heart to speak to yours. It is not didactic. It is a way to create the conditions for the magic of children to thrive.

- Greg

Part 1 The Essential self
Chapter 1 – head and heart
Chapter 2 – the roots of learning
Chapter 3 – control, conformity, curriculum
Chapter 4 – the illusion of learning
Chapter 5 – programming children
Chapter 6 – love and architecture
Chapter 7 – a new soul: The Essential Self
Chapter 8 – the spiral
Chapter 9 – co-researching, co-adventuring and the importance of intrigue
Chapter 10 – play: what is it in school?
Chapter 11 – the magic of children
Chapter 12 – leaving the factory
Chapter 13 – the 3Ms
Chapter 14 – the passport of planning
Chapter 15 – the golden triangle: engaging environments, quality teaching, emotional connection
Chapter 16 – the magic mirror
Part 2 – Drawing Club
Chapter 17 – clubs
Chapter 18 – the great big beauty of story
Chapter 19 – the great big beauty of drawing
Chapter 20 – language
Chapter 21 – story telling, books, time out of joint
Chapter 22 – modelling
Chapter 23 – the 3Ms and the connection to drawing
Chapter 24 – Drawing Club and the magic mirror
Chapter 25 – the possibility
Part 3 – Play Projects
Chapter 26 – why Play Projects?
Chapter 27 – the building blocks of play
Chapter 28- getting started
Chapter 29 – continuous provision
Chapter 30 – developing projects
Part 4 – Pages from the Green and Black books
Part 5 - Photographs

This author offers key discussion concerning supporting children within education. He challenges dominant discourses making connections to the field of early years as a way to disrupt the taken for granted management of children. A thought provoking read.

Mrs Karen Williams
Faculty of Education, Health & Well-being (Walsall), Wolverhampton University
August 21, 2023

A different approach which gives lots of food for thought and reflection. As an early years specialist I echo the book's sentiments. I love the focus on creativity in all its guises.

Mrs Kathleen Piercey
Institute of Education, Reading University
April 28, 2020

breadth of context means it will form part of the wider reading requirement

Dr Julie Brierley
Faculty of Education (Hull), Hull University
June 14, 2021

Fabulous book that gives students an idea of how to make each day in school "the best day ever"

Mrs Nicola Stobbs
Institute of Education, Worcester University
March 8, 2021

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