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School Public Relations for Student Success

School Public Relations for Student Success

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July 2009 | 184 pages | Corwin

"Everything you need to succeed with parents, community leaders, employees, and more can be found in this book. Moore's lifetime experience comes through with clear, no-nonsense ideas and insights that those working in schools can put to work right away."
—William J. Banach, CEO
Banach, Banach & Cassidy

An on-the-job public relations and communications partner for everyone working in schools!

As school public relations efforts play an increasingly vital role in helping students achieve and schools succeed, the communications expectations placed on school leaders at all levels continue to soar. Now this field-based reference offers educational leaders practical advice and specific tips for meeting the tough new communication demands they face daily.

Ideal for both long-range planning and day-to-day basics, this guide helps leaders define and organize their school's PR plan. The book offers step-by-step guidance on creating and applying communication tactics that work—from how to generate community support to managing crises, stopping rumors, handling media inquiries, dealing with critics, and much more. Emphasizing the PR responsibilities of all school employees, the author:

  • Outlines the key components of successful communications programs
  • Covers how to set reasonable expectations for communications efforts
  • Provides questions for assessing PR needs, guidelines for judging what's working and what's not, and an abundance of checklists
  • Offers interview advice from professionals in the field

Educational leaders will consult this comprehensive resource again and again as they plan and implement public relations activities to support student and school success!

About the Author
1. The High Stakes of School PR: Student Success
Strong Relationships Support Student Success  
Perceptions and Reputations Matter  
School PR Efforts Reflect Reality  
School PR Basics: Do and Tell  
Questions for Assessing School PR Support for Student Success  
2. Understanding How PR Serves Your Students and Schools
Connecting Teaching and School PR  
School PR in Action  
Serving All School PR Audiences  
Questions for Assessing Commitments to School PR Excellence  
3. Defining Your School PR Needs
Defining School Public Relations  
Organizing School PR Efforts  
Different Needs, Different Roles in School PR  
Use Available School PR Support  
Questions for Assessing School PR Roles and Resources  
4. Organizing Your School PR Efforts
Defining School PR Success  
Key Components for Success  
Getting School PR Research  
Examples: Putting School PR Research to Work  
Setting School PR Objectives  
Deciding Strategies  
Picking Tactics  
Examples: Defining Your School PR Tactics  
Checklist: The 12-Step School PR Planner  
Q&A: Frank Basso Discusses How Schools Should Plan and Measure PR Efforts  
5. Getting Useful School PR Research
Examples: School PR Research Myths to Address  
Examples: School PR Research Sources  
Early-Warning Roles of PR Research  
Questions for Assessing School PR Research  
Q&A: Cynthia E. Banach Talks About the Importance of Communication Research to School PR Efforts  
6. Creating Goodwill Ambassadors for Your School
Examples: The People Who Make or Break School PR  
Communication Happens: Planned or Not  
Listening: Making Communication Two-Way  
Examples: Listening Opportunities in Schools  
Checklist: Getting Started With Internal School PR  
7. Achieving School PR Success: Employees
The Real Power in School PR: When People Care  
Creating a Team That Works  
Know All of the Audiences  
Ideas for School PR Activities With Employees  
Checklist: Ideas for Helping Employees Deal With Upset Customers  
8. Achieving School PR Success: Parents
What Parents Want  
Example: Targeting Messages to Parents  
Analyze Your Messages  
Ideas for School PR Activities With Parents  
Checklist: Engagement Idea Starters for Parents  
9. Achieving School PR Success: Students
Students Talk, People Listen  
Supporting School Communication by Students  
Celebrate All Student Successes  
Ideas for School PR Activities With Students  
10. Achieving School PR Success: Volunteers and Other School Visitors
Welcoming Outsiders to Your School  
First Impressions Last  
Ideas for School PR Activities With Visitors  
11. Achieving School PR Success: Diverse Audiences
Diversity's Impact on School PR  
Use PR to Tap Diversity's Power  
Ideas for School PR Activities With Diverse Populations  
12. Achieving School PR Success: Seniors
Boost Senior Involvement  
Ideas for School PR Activities With Seniors  
Q&A: Diane Holtzman Talks About Involving Seniors in School PR Efforts  
13. Achieving School PR Success: Businesses and Vendors
Tap Business Expertise and Influence  
Build Working Partnerships  
Ideas for School PR Activities With Businesses  
Q&A: John Moscatelli Discusses How Schools and Businesses Can Work Together  
Q&A: Dr. William J. Banach Discusses How Marketing Can Contribute to School PR Efforts  
14. Achieving School PR Success: Community Leaders
Encourage Active Involvement  
Ideas for School PR Activities With Community Leaders  
Q&A: Dr. Don Bagin Talks About Key Communicators and School PR  
15. Creating Your School PR Messages and Content
Creating Messages That Work  
Linking Messages to Needs and Beliefs  
Example: Creating Messages That Spark Action  
Pay Attention to Message Meanings  
Some Suggestions for Building Such Messages  
Writing for Readership  
Revising Copy to Strengthen Messages  
Transitions: Shifting Gears Between Ideas  
Assuring Message Transparency  
16. Delivering Your School PR Messages and Content: In Print and Online
Organizing Public Relations Tactics  
Communicating Through Design  
Accommodate How People Read  
Ideas for Facilitating Communication  
Headlines Need Special Attention  
Don't Be Anonymous  
Consistency Creates Credibility  
Package Your Information  
17. Delivering Your School PR Messages and Content: In the News Media
Why Schools Use the News Media to Communicate  
What Do the Media Offer Schools?  
How Does Publicity Relate to Public Relations?  
Who Speaks to the Media?  
What Is News?  
Tactics for Getting Stories to the Media  
Building Solid Relationships With Reporters and Editors  
Ways to Connect Schools and the Media Covering Them  
Setting Interview Ground Rules  
Choosing a Good Interview Location  
Know What Makes for a Successful Interview  
Preparing for Interview Questions You'll Face  
Handling Tough Interview Questions  
Learn to Leverage School News  
Q&A: M. Larry Litwin Talks About Working With the News Media  
18. Delivering Your School PR Messages and Content: In Person
Dealing With Others One-on-One  
Face-to-Face Tactics in Action  
Ideas for Creating Successful School Gatherings  
Planning and Writing Presentations and Speeches  
Accommodating the Audience  
Getting the Right Introduction  
Creating Great Visuals  
Handling Questions During and After Presentations  
Presenting to Unfriendly Audiences  
Personal Communication During Crises  
Tapping the PR Power in Good Etiquette  
19. School PR: How You Can Make a Difference Now
School PR Resources

"Building relationships that work can be a perilous endeavor for even the most experienced educator, but everything you need to succeed with parents, community leaders, employees, and more can be found in this book. Moore's lifetime experience comes through with clear, no-nonsense ideas and insights that those working in schools can put to work right away."

William J. Banach, CEO
Banach, Banach & Cassidy

"Moore provides school leaders with relevant strategies to use when communicating with diverse publics associated with the school district and individual schools. His book is light on theory but heavy on practical ideas ready for immediate use."

The School Administrator, September 2010, Vol. 67(8)
American Association of School Administrators

"For those looking for a comprehensive guide to confronting the many communication challenges today's educators face, this book fits the bill. Its guidance is practical, thorough, and sensible. All school employees—from teachers to principals to district administrators and more—will profit from the useful tactics and techniques offered."

Suzanne D. FitzGerald, Professor and Chair
Public Relations and Advertising Department, Rowan University

"Educators are constantly challenged to provide 'real-world application' activities for students within their classrooms. This book provides the reader with 'real-world application' that can immediately improve the public relation practices of every school."

Bruce Deterding, Principal
Wichita Heights High School, KS

"Provides school administrators with a clear, easy-to-use blueprint for developing a communications plan and dealing with sensitive issues that come up in any school district. Administrators and board members who follow the suggestions in this guide will feel more confident and more effective in dealing with the public."

Patricia N. Anderson, Associate Professor
National-Louis University

"A practical and useful book that will be of value to all administrators desiring to improve public relations in their school. The book contains numerous insights on effective public relations."

Kenneth Arndt, Superintendent
Community Unit School District #300, Carpentersville, IL

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