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Seducing America

Seducing America
How Television Charms the Modern Voter

July 1998 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Roderick P. Hart's revised edition of Seducing America is an eye-opening look at how television's format of presenting politics to its viewers has changed the way television-watching citizens act, vote, and feel about politics in this country. While television makes us feel knowledgeable, important, informed, and close to our political representatives, it disguises dissatisfaction with the political system and with ourselves. Hart's rigorous blend of rhetorical and statistical research plus his eloquent and passionate writing make this book a superb supplementary text for political communication and media studies courses that will help engage students in provocative discussions about media and politics.

Political Feelings
Feeling Intimate
The Rise of Personality Politics

Feeling Informed
The Effects of Personality Politics

Feeling Clever
The Cold Comforts of Postmodernism

Feeling Busy
The Frenzy of Establishment Politics

Feeling Important
The Temptations of Alternative Politics

Residual Feelings

"Roderick P. Hart engages in a wide-ranging and fruitful analysis of television’s impact on American politics. Each chapter grows from an incisive, original claim. The book contains many original observations, stated in an active, compelling style. The book belongs in all academic libraries and deserves adoption in undergraduate political science and communications courses." 


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