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Testimonials for SAGE Custom Publishing

"While I have not worked with other publishers in developing a customized text, I had a wonderful time working on a custom project with Sage and specifically Valgeet Woods. I am organizing a set of courses for advanced doctoral students intended to support the doctoral thesis writing process and the metacognitive aspects of the journey that define it. Valgeet and I spent a number of hours on the phone over a couple of months, and she was a terrific collaborator and thought partner throughout the endeavor. She listened carefully to the work that we have put in place, the types of resources we want to make available to students, and the nature of our program and philosophical orientation. Her knowledge of research methods in the social sciences, the Sage research collection as a whole, and the varied paradigms represented there allowed us to map out an exciting collection of readings. Through the process, we developed a terrific resource for this emerging aspect of the doctoral program. Moreover, she shared our commitment to increasing access to educational opportunity, and as a result she worked assiduously to meet our academic goals for the texts while keeping the ultimate cost to a minimum. I hope to have the opportunity to continue my collaboration with Valgeet Woods and the Custom Program."

Jane Lohmann, Associate Teaching Professor, Doctor of Education Program
Northeastern University

"I really enjoyed the process of working with Valgeet Woods. As a newer professor, I was glad to learn that I could select only the material in a book that I planned to use in my syllabus, saving the students money. And, I like that there are supporting teaching materials that I can use to streamline my prep work. What I was most impressed with was Valgeet's knowledge of SAGE texts and, as I shared my vision for the course, she was able to recommend a few other books that I would never have though to consider. Because of this, the construct of the final course was much stronger and more valuable. As we have started the semester, the feedback from the students is very positive. They like the ease of making the purchase and reading the material and are grateful for the savings! I highly recommend this approach and am looking forward to working with SAGE on future projects!"

Dianne Hardin, Assistant Professor, Marketing
University of Cincinnati

"As our Taylor Leadership Institute evolved and increased in both rigor and popularity, we yearned for an anthology that included several leadership authors. Valgeet Woods at SAGE was introduced to us by SAGE sales representative, Chris Gill. Both Chris and Valgeet met with us and Valgeet immediately located the authors work we requested and embarked on customizing a leadership textbook to fit our needs. Valgeet invited us to write brief narratives explaining the amazing trajectory of our Leadership Minor, including the focus on ethical and values based leadership development.

I suppose we all knew that a project of this magnitude would take a considerable investment in time and energy-What we discovered was that it was so genuinely collaborative, creating new venues for student exploration-That it was actually fun.

The faculty are very happy with the new textbook, which weaves in enormous complexity. We have noticed a considerable advancement in rigor as a result of acquiring the components we knew were possible with the ‘perfect’ editor. Our sincere thanks to Valgeet and the wonderful team at SAGE for making this dream come true."

Annabel Brooks, Director, Taylor Leadership Institute
University of North Florida

"The professors at my Sociology Department developed a unique way to redesign our Introduction to Sociology classes. We planned to co-teach all of the sections of Intro to Sociology, with each professor teaching within their area of expertise. However, our problem was that we could not find a Sociology text that worked for us.

Unlike many of the other publishing company editors, Valgeet from SAGE Publications invested time with our department to find a solution to our needs.  Valgeet was able to customize our Intro text in an amazingly quick turnaround time. The most impressive aspect of working with Valgeet is the time and care she puts into solving problems for departments and instructors. I would recommend Valgeet and the Custom program at SAGE for anyone contemplating a custom solution for their text or learning needs."

Dr. Roxanne Gerbrandt, Associate Professor
Austin Peay State University