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Separatist Movements

Separatist Movements
A Global Reference

February 2011 | 392 pages | CQ Press

Separatist Movements: A Global Reference uniquely profiles in detail 59 ongoing separatist movements across six major regions around the world, with attention given to not only prominent movements, such as the Tamils in Sri Lanka and the Sikhs in India, but also lesser-known peoples such as the Saami in the Arctic and the Inuit in Canada.

Each of the movement essays includes a description of the people and a summary of their core aspirations––political, cultural and economic; the movement’s history, stretching back decades and, in some cases, centuries; leadership––political parties, individuals, and militant groups; and current status. A selection of maps accompany the movement essays.

Valuable features for researchers in this reference include:

  • Introductions to each of the six major regions
  • A table of contents by country
  • A table of contents by movements
  • A table of contents by region
  • A table of contents by movement leaders
  • 24 biographies of key movement leaders
  • An appendix of self-determination treaties
  • A bibliography

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ISBN: 9781604265699

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