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Services Marketing and Management

Services Marketing and Management

First Edition

June 2003 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Services Marketing and Management provides an in-depth consideration of how services are conceptualized, designed and managed, creating the basis for a clear understanding of the multi-dimensional aspects of services.

Unlike many textbooks on services marketing this book puts services management and delivery in context. Firstly, it explores the effect of organizational structures, management styles, internal marketing and management competencies on service management decision making and implementation. Secondly, Services Marketing and Management considers detailed examples of not-for-profit and for-profit service organizations and service delivery.

Finally, this text addresses contemporary issues for services managers and speculates on some of the challenges for the future of services marketing.

This textbook is designed for postgraduate and MBA students of services management and services marketing courses as well as undergraduates.

Underpinning Concepts of Services Marketing Management
Evaluation and Measurements of Services
Services Marketing in Specific Contexts
The For-Profit Sector

Services Marketing in Specific Contexts
The Not-For-Profit Sector

Organizational Influences on Services Management
Management Styles and Emphasis for Services Marketing
Internal Marketing in Service Organizations
Management Competencies for Services Marketing
Contemporary Issues in Services Marketing
Service Marketing Management
What Does the Future Hold?


The book is a relatively short but concise guide to the offering of services. Its clear speech and structure quickly help to understand what is needed do market any services.

Personally, I liked the chapter about non-profit services: short, straightforward and focused on the essentials.

The index could be enlarged by referring to similar keywords (e.g. "value" does not appear but "Service value" does).

Dr Christian Lehmann
Betriebswirtschafts. U Organisation, University of Bayreuth
April 16, 2015

A helpful overview of Service Marketing and Management

Professor Burkhard Von velsen
Institute of Management, Magdeburg University of Applied Sci's
February 20, 2013

Not very student friendly

Ms Tracy Flanagan
Business & Enterprise, Newcastle College
September 14, 2010

For instructors

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