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Sex and Psyche

Sex and Psyche
Gender and Self Viewed Cross-Culturally

April 1990 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Using extensive data collected in 14 countries, Sex and Psyche offers a comprehensive examination of important gender-related concepts in a cross-cultural perspective. Written as a sequel to their first volume, Measuring Sex Stereotypes, Williams and Best extend their research with the Adjective Check List to include multicultural perspectives on sex role stereotypes and the self-concepts of young adults. Specifically, their self-concepts are examined with reference to such factors as their relative strengths, activities, and favorability. Also added to their methodology is the Sex Role Ideology Scale. With this tool, the authors analyze men's and women's sex role ideologies--considering both the more traditional male-dominated perspectives to the more contemporary egalitarian perspectives. The findings concerning sex role ideology are timely and important in documenting the differences in sex role expectations which in turn are related to differences in socio-economic development among countries. Both the existence of universals as well as cross-cultural variations are presented along with the authors' empirical findings. Both Sex and Psyche and its revised sequel are so closely linked that researchers will want to acquire them as a package. Anyone interested in the fields of gender studies, psychology, cross-cultural studies, family studies, and sociology will not want to pass up these essential resources. "Sex and Psyche examines perceptions of the real and ideal self as they relate to sex-role ideology. . . . These volumes [Sex and Psyche, Measuring Sex Stereotypes] serve as an important part of our understanding of gender stereotypes and of what members of many nations have to say about themselves and others." --Contemporary Psychology "Williams and Best's methodology is presented in detail, references are complete, and data are given in an appendix for readers wishing to study them. Although the writing may be too technical for the casual reader, social scientists from a variety of disciplines will find this book interesting and informative. Advanced undergraduates and up." --Choice

Issues and Strategies in Cross-Cultural Psychology
Gender, Self-Concept, and Sex Role Ideology
Research Plan and Methods
Sex Role Ideology
Affective Meanings of Self-Concepts
Masculinity/Femininity of Self-Concepts
Diversity in Masculinity/Femininity of Self-Concepts
Summary Of Findings
Cross-Cultural Similarities and Differences

Retrospect and Prospect
A Broader View


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