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Sexually Aggressive Children

Sexually Aggressive Children
Coming To Understand Them

August 1997 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
In an accessible and sensitive fashion, Sexually Aggressive Children provides a comprehensive overview of sexual abuse perpetrated by children 12 years old and younger. Drawing attention to this frequently overlooked population, author Sharon K. Araji explores the familial, extrafamilial, and situtational factors conducive to various types of sexual abuse by children so young. For professionals and researchers forced to consider sexually aggressive acts by children as young as 2 or 3, this book examines the theories and frameworks used to explain this kind of behavior and outlines their associated social and psychological characteristics. Araji identifies nine programs and practices designed by therapists treating individuals, families, and groups dealing with preadolescent sexually aggressive behavior and concludes with an assessment on the reporting and investigation of cases. Sexually Aggressive Children also adds recommendations for closing the current gaps in both the social and criminal justice systems that impede the appropriate identification, processing, and treatment of sexually aggressive children. This book will help researchers and professionals to coordinate efforts to successfully address how to deal with sexually aggressive children. Sexually Aggressive Children will be a valuable resource for all those in the multidisciplinary fields of child abuse and interpersonal violence, including academics and practitioners in social work, clinical/counseling psychology, and criminology/criminal justice.

William N Friedrich
Alison Gray and William Pithers
Sharon K Araji
Sharon K Araji
Identifying, Labeling and Explaining Children's Sexually Aggressive Behaviors
Sharon K Araji
Sexually Aggressive Children
Social Demographics and Psychological Characteristics

Sharon K Araji and Rebecca L Bosek
Sexually Abusive Children
Familial, Extrafamilial Environments and Situational Risk Factors

Sharon K Araji
Theories Explaining Children's Sexually Abusive and Sexually Aggressive Behaviors
Elizabeth A Sirles, Sharon K Araji and Rebecca L Bosek
Redirecting Children's Sexually Abusive and Sexually Aggressive Behaviors
Programs and Practices

Sharon K Araji
Closing the Cracks
Systemwide Response Needed


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