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Shaping Organizational Strategies

Shaping Organizational Strategies
Future Perspectives, Concepts and Cases

First Edition
  • Gautam Raj Jain - Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad, India
  • Atul Tandan - Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad, India

August 2006 | 240 pages | SAGE Response
"An excellent initiative to make learning of OB more meaningful in the current turbulent environment."
—K. Ramachandran
Indian School of Business, Hyderabad

"A pioneering work in the field...there is hardly any research-based work on the subject in the Indian context."
—Mathew J. Manimala
Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

The constant shifts and changes in the contemporary business environment are having a profound effect on organizational effectiveness and call for fluidity in organizational structures and processes.

The authors of this unique book stress the importance of the organizational dynamics approach as the most effective way of understanding how individuals in any organization respond to these unprogrammed developments. They base their analysis on first-hand learning from 33 cases prepared in different organizational contexts. These revealing cases, which are based on the 'learning by experience' method, provide numerous strategic insights.

They are grouped into six modules:
  • Organization and its environment
  • Corporate governance
  • Personal and interpersonal dynamics at work
  • Challenges for new managers
  • Mentoring and empowerment
  • Managing organizational crises

The authors conclude that management professionals need to reduce their reliance on past theories and models and should, instead, think out of the box in order to successfully respond to the changing environment.

An unprecedented effort, this book serves as an instrument for developing a critical thinking process and will help in dealing with the critical 'odd' moments and situations which find the individual and the organization standing at fragile crossroads. As such it will be essential reading not only for managers but also for students and teachers of management.

Emerging Trends in Organizational Dynamics
Organization and Its Environment
Corporate Governance
Personal and Interpersonal Dynamics at Work
Challenges for Future Managers
Mentoring and Empowerment
Managing Organizational Crises

It serves as a guide for managers of international business, seeking entry and growth.

ASCI Journal of Management

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ISBN: 9780761933939