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Social Context and Relationships

Social Context and Relationships

Edited by:
  • Steve Duck - The University of Iowa, USA, Rhetoric Dept, USA, University of Iowa, USA

August 1993 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
with Graham Allan, Irwin Altman, Leslie A. Baxter, Niall Bolger, Barbara B. Brown, Joseph Ginat, Shannon Kelleher, Renate Klein, Robert M. Milardo, Catherine H. Stein, Carol M. Werner & Julia T. Wood Social Context and Relationships moves beyond exploring the personal factors involved in relationships and reveals the impact of outside forces--culture, society, values, economics, and more--on the conduct of relationships. Confronting practical realities, this compelling volume focuses on how such issues as limited opportunity, restraints on freedom, compulsions of coercive family norms, responsibilities, poverty, bigotry, gender, physical separation, and limited geographic mobility influence personal relationships. Because the contributors successfully argue for the redirection of research--from the over-application of an individual perspective to the inclusion of contextual features--students and scholars in social psychology, communication studies, family studies, sociology, and gender studies will discover much of value in this fascinating volume.

Graham Allan
Social Structure and Relationships
Julia T Wood
Engendered Relations
Interaction, Caring, Power and Responsibility in Intimacy

Renate Klein and Robert M Milardo
Third-Party Influences on the Management of Personal Relationships
Catherine H Stein
Felt Obligation in Adult Family Relationships
Niall Bolger and Shannon Kelleher
Daily Life in Relationships
Carol M Werner et al
Celebrations in Personal Relationships
A Transactional/Dialectical Perspective

Leslie A Baxter
The Social Side of Personal Relationships
A Dialectical Perspective


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