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Social Inequality

Social Inequality

Second Edition

January 2019 | 360 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Now in an updated second edition, Social Inequality continues to be an essential guide to understanding social inequality and stratification, helping readers to understand what inequality is, how it is defined, explored and measured, and what the key social divisions are at both global and national level.

The new edition includes updated coverage of sexuality and transgender issues, enhanced discussion of migration and asylum seeking, and further coverage of a global context for social inequalities, policy, and justice.

The book also features two new chapters:

  • Youth and Age, discusses age as a social construct and form of division, it also outlines the implications of ageing populations, ageism as a form of discrimination, and the different cultural understandings of age.
  • Health and Disability, defines health inequalities, outlines a range of global and national examples, and analyses the current thinkers on health inequalities and their proposed solutions.

Suitable course reading for students on modules examining social justice, social policy, social class, and social inequalities.

Chapter 1 – What is social inequality?
Chapter 2 – Social divisions and inequality: social class
Chapter 3 - Social divisions and inequality: gender
Chapter 4 - Social divisions and inequality: ethnicity
Chapter 5 - Social divisions and inequality: youth and age
Chapter 6 – Social divisions and inequality: health and disability
Chapter 7 – Globalization and the global dimensions of inequality
Chapter 8 – The global social policy arena and inequality
Chapter 9- Social policy and its relationship to inequality: facilitator or potential solution?
Chapter 10 – Solutions to inequality: How do we create a more equal global society?

Social Inequality provides a clear and concise overview of social inequality and the key social divisions in today's contemporary global world. This is essential reading for our health students with key concepts defined and discussed in an an accessible manner.  An excellent text.

Peter Leadbetter, Senior Lecturer and Programme Lead in Applied Health & Social Care, Edge Hill University

Peter Leadbetter
Edge Hill University

An engaging and comprehensive guide to the multifaceted dimensions of contemporary social inequality.  This excellent book will serve as an ideal introductory text for students of social policy, sociology, social work and politics or indeed anyone who is concerned with social injustice. 

Lisa Matera, Communities and Partnerships Project Officer & Part time tutor on Child and Families Foundation Degree, University of Leeds.

Lisa Matera
University of Leeds

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