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Social Media for Academics

Social Media for Academics

© 2016 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Social media is an increasingly important part of academic life that can be a fantastic medium for promoting your work, networking with colleagues and for demonstrating impact. However, alongside the opportunities it also poses challenging questions about how to engage online, and how to represent yourself professionally.


This practical book provides clear guidance on effectively and intelligently using social media for academic purposes across disciplines, from publicising your work and building networks to engaging the public with your research.  It is supported by real life examples and underpinned by principles of good practice to ensure you have the skills to make the most of this exciting medium.


You’ll find advice on:

  • Using social media to publicise your work
  • Potential pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • The evolving role of social media in higher education
  • Defining digital scholarship
  • Managing your identity online
  • Finding time for social media
  • Near-future trends in academia.

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Chapter 1: Social media and digital scholarship
Chapter 2: Using social media to publicise your work
Chapter 3: Using social media to build your network
Chapter 4: Using social media for public engagement
Chapter 5: Using social media to manage information
Chapter 6: Professional identity in an age of social media
Chapter 7: Communicating effectively online
Chapter 8: Finding the time for social media
Chapter 9: The future landscape of academic social media


Visit Mark's blog
Visit Mark's blog for more insights and discussion on social media academic practice.

This is the first book I know of to present a ‘how-to’ manual combined with reflections on the wider implications of academic social media engagement... This book is highly recommended for higher degree students and faculty staff members who are interested in the possibilities of academic social media for both research and teaching, as well as researchers interested in future directions for the university workplace and academic identities.

Deborah Lupton, Faculty of Arts & Design, University of Canberra, Australia
This Sociological Life

From the start, Carrigan gives the reader an insight into his own world; yet, despite being a social media champion, he is clearly not here to deliver a sermon. This is what makes the book different from many other guides you may come across: less dry but with plenty of academic rigour. Very often social media guides are aimed at the intermediate user; whilst this title will appeal to the most novice, it also adds weight to arguments by experts in the academic community.

Andy Tattersall, LSE Book Review

Perhaps the most valuable thing in Carrigan’s book is the attitude that seems to inform the writing of it – the notion that the key to using social media well is seeing the various platforms as tools that should serve the users, not the other way around. He’s promoting something I rarely see in discussions of new media: independent thinking. Carrigan’s book actually teaches people how to think-through what they, personally, are doing online and question its benefits. Inevitably, some people will realize there’s little value for them in social media. Which means seasoned social media users will find his book almost as useful as the novices. And if I had my way, it would be mandatory reading in all those quickie courses on how you, too, can be a social media guru. 

Shannon Rupp
The Tyee blog

Carrigan knows how to speak directly to academics. A scholarly how-to book, Social Media for Academics is short but academic-friendly because it is presented like a textbook with numerous references and recommendations for additional reading. Carrigan asserts there are two subgroups of academics and their social media use: those who use it and those who do not. For those of us who are social media savvy, the book includes smart tips to confirm that our strategy is on point. For those who have resisted social media, Carrigan argues convincingly that you need jump on the social media bandwagon, in spite of being neither a teenager nor a reality star.

Joanne Broder Sumerson
PsycCRITIQUES - American Psychological Association

This book comes at an opportune time to help academics, researchers and postgraduate students who have been thinking about using social media in their professional lives to get started. The book also provides a useful way for those already engaged on social media to reflect on their goals and purposes and refine their approach.
I recommend this book to academics, researchers and postgraduates who are using or thinking about using social media professionally. Even if you are a social media sceptic, you may find that you put down this book with a new perspective and an awareness of approaches that can help with your academic work in our increasingly digital and online world.

Sarah Goodier
South African Journal of Science

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