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Social Research on Children and Adolescents

Social Research on Children and Adolescents
Ethical Issues

Edited by:

Volume: 133

November 1991 | 210 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
A first in its field, this timely volume effectively bridges the gap between the legal requirements that govern research on minors and the research methodology literature in adolescent psychology. The editors skillfully bring together the insights of a group of leading researchers and scholars to address and resolve the following issues: what theory and research on human development can tell researchers about adolescents' vulnerability to several kinds of risk research and how to reduce that vulnerability; what the law says about young peoples' rights to privacy; how the relevant ethical theory or guidelines should apply to minors approaching adulthood; under what circumstances parental consent does not protect children's rights; and how one explains the research process to a young adult. Social Research on Children and Adolescents reaches a wide audience from professionals in development psychology, family studies, and education to researchers in evaluation, research methods, and sociology to students in the above fields; all will undoubtedly benefit from this book. "Social Research on Children and Adolescents is an invaluable resource for researchers who confront questions such as how to assess risks and benefits within a developmental framework, what legal constraints and ethical principles guide research practice, and how to explain research participation to youth who differ greatly in their comprehension of the enterprise. . . . The major strength of this book, aside from its effective integration of developmental theory and research ethics, is the repeated examination of concrete research problems in light of ethical principles and legal requirements. . . . [This book] will be a useful addition to the library of any social scientist who conducts psychological research with children." --Death Studies

Barbara Stanley and Joan E Sieber
The Ethics of Social Research on Children and Adolescents

Judith Areen
Legal Constraints on Social Research with Children
Ross A Thompson
Developmental Changes in Research Risk and Benefit
A Changing Calculus of Concern

Gary B Melton
Respecting Boundaries
Minors, Privacy and Behavioral Research

Ruth Macklin
Autonomy, Beneficence and Child Development
An Ethical Analysis

Thomas Grisso
Minors' Assent to Behavioral Research Without Parental Consent
Alexander J Tymchuk
Assent Processes
Mary Jane Rotheram-Borus and Cheryl Koopman
Protecting Children's Rights in AIDS Research
Joan E Sieber
Community Intervention Research on Minors

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