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Social Theory in the Real World

Social Theory in the Real World

First Edition
  • Steven Miles - University of Brighton, UK, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

July 2001 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Social Theory in the Real World is concerned with illustrating the practical benefits of social theory. Many students find it hard to relate the real insights provided by social theory to their real life experiences, and many lecturers struggle to demonstrate the relevance of social theory to everyday life. This book offers an accessible, non-patronizing solution to the problem, demonstrating that social theory need not be remote and obscure, but if used in imaginative ways, it can be indispensable in challenging our common sense perceptions and understandings.

The book identifies the key themes of contemporary social theory: mass society, postindustrialism, consumerism, postmodernism, McDonaldization, risk and globalization, and uses the insights of both classical and contemporary theorists of social change to highlight the potential of imaginative theorizing.

The `Reality' of Social Theory
A Mass Society?
A Post-Industrial Society?
A Consumer Society?
A Postmodern Society?
A McDonaldized Society?
A Risk Society?
A Global Society?
Theorizing for `Real'

A core text for teachers and students.

Sasha Pleasance
Care & Learning Opportunities, South Devon College
February 25, 2015

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