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Social Work Practice With African American Men

Social Work Practice With African American Men
The Invisible Presence

July 2012 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

"Janice M. Rasheed and Mikal N. Rasheed have produced a well-written and informative work that proposes a variety of innovative and practical strategies. . . A well-documented book, including excellent clinical case studies."

--from the Foreword by Jewelle Taylor, Gibbs, Zellerbach Family Fund Professor,

University of California, Berkeley

"The need for theory related to social work practice with African American men is long overdue. . . . In addressing a broad spectrum of issues, including program development and public policy implications for African American men, Janice M. Rasheed and Mikal N. Rasheed…suggest that men are key to successful interventions with African American families. . . .Uniquely, this book provides detailed clinical counseling methods for practice with African American males that have not previously been demonstrated in social work literature. . . .Rasheed and Rasheed have taken a major step to fill this void by offering a theoretical framework for social work practice intervention that puts African American men at the center of analysis. This book represents a significant breakthrough in social work knowledge. Social Work Practice with African American Men will help bring a visible presence to African American men and their plight in social work literature and practices."

--Lawrence E. Gary, Howard University, Washington, DC

"The authors' conceptualization, integrating the ecological, critical constructionist, and cultural perspectives in the service of empowerment, liberation, and social justice in practice with African American men is an outstanding contribution to social work and is on the cutting edge of theory and practice development. . . .A rich, innovative, and fascinating book that may well bridge the gap between the profession and this neglected, misunderstood, and often denigrated population."

--Ann Hartman, D.S.W., Dean and Professor Emerita, Smith College

"The authors of this useful text provide a lens through which social work practice might more effectively serve African American men. This work is a rich blend of conceptual perspectives, practice guidelines, and processes that the practitioner should find beneficial for enhancing the practice effectiveness with African American men."

--Bogart R. Leashore, Dean and Professor, Hunter College

Authors Janice M. Rasheed and Mikal N. Rasheed have developed a comprehensive, holistic approach to practice with African American men and their families. Social Work Practice with African American Men is a groundbreaking and long overdue book that proposes a variety of innovative and practical strategies to address relevant issues for African American men in micropractice approaches, such as individual, couple, family, and group treatment issues as well as macropractice approaches, such as policy formulation, program development, and community practice. This well-documented book is enriched with the authors' years of qualitative research and their considerable clinical experience with African American men.

The Rasheeds sensitively apply a multidisciplinary conceptual framework that integrates ecological, Africentric, and critical constructionist theoretical perspectives in their multilayered analysis of the various psychological, social, and economic issues confronted by African men and their families. These perspectives are skillfully applied to the life experiences of African American men with results that reflect their diversity, vulnerability, victimization, perseverance, adaptability, resilience, and strength. Excellent clinical case studies are used to illustrate the application of the multidimensional model of assessment and treatment.

Professionals and students in social work, human services, family studies, ethnic studies, and multicultural counseling will find Social Work Practice with African American Men a reliable resource.


Jewelle Taylor Gibbs
Social Work Practice and African American Men

Theoretical and Conceptual Frameworks for Understanding African American Men
The Adult Life Cycle of African American Men
Individual Therapy with African American Men
Couple Therapy with African American Men
Family Therapy with African American Men
Group Work with African American Men
Policy Issues of Low-Income African American Men
Program Development, Implementation and Evaluation Issues in Programs for African American Men
Community Practice Issues
Creating a Village around African American Men

Epistemological, Conceptual, Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Conducting Research on African American Men

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