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Social Work with Looked After Children

Social Work with Looked After Children

Third Edition

May 2019 | 241 pages | Learning Matters
This practical book looks at the experiences of children in need who live in state care and the social worker's role in working with them. This is a popular guide to this complex and demanding area of practice. There are chapters on communication and children's rights, life story work, attachment and culture, ethnicity and faith. Throughout the book there are sections on supporting legislation and policy for children in residential care, foster care, adoption and leaving care. 

Key features include:
  • Practical links between theory and practice
  • Includes law and policy relevant to looked-after children
  • Information on understanding statistics
  • Contains lots of practical activities
Chapter 1: Policy and statistics
Chapter 2: The legal framework
Chapter 3: Pathways and placement types
Chapter 4: Assessment, care, planning and contact
Chapter 5: Communication skills: Participation, children's rights and life story work
Chapter 6: Culture, ethnicity and faith: Working with children in care from diverse communities
Chapter 7: Disabled children
Chapter 8: Attachment, adversity and resilience
Chapter 9: Looked after children and mental health
Chapter 10: Education and health of looked after children
Chapter 11: Adoption and permanence
Chapter 12: Leaving care

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